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Q: What are the 3 points of electric charge?
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Where would you charge an electric car?

There are many places where one is able to charge an electric car. Most people tend to charge at home. However, there are three different types of charging stations. Typically, these are grouped into slow, fast and rapid charging points. 'Slow' points take 6-8 hours to fully charge an average electric car 'Fast' points take 3-4 hours 'Rapid' points take around 30 minutes to give an 80 per cent charge For up-to-date information regarding UK charging points see the Sources and related links section, below.

If the electric field due to the excess charge on the Earth points downward what type of charge does the Earth carry?


Are electrons the same as electric charge?

No. An electric charge is a property of certain particles (and larger amounts of matter); electrons have an electric charge of (-1) elementary units, but other particles also have electric charge. For example, protons have an electric charge of (-1), quarks may have charges like (2/3) and (-1/3), etc.

Electric field is positive or negative?

Did you mean "The strength of electric field is positive or negative"? Anyway, there is your answer.. The strength of an electric field E at any point is defined as the electric force F exerted per unit positive electric charge q at that point, or E = F/q.You can say that it is positive.

The electric field of a point charge always points away from the charge?

If the given point charge is of positive one then the field points away from the charge. This is because we define the field at a point as the FORCE acting on unit POSITIVE charge. Like charges have to repel and hence the direction. If, other wise, the point charge is negative then electric field due to this negative charge would be towards the negative and not away from it.

What is quantum of electric charge?

normally it is considered to be the charge on an electron. however quarks come in increments of 1/3 of this charge.

What are the kinds of electric charge?

The kinds of electric charge are positive charge and negative charge

What is volt of electricity?

Voltage or electric potential tension measured in units of electric potential: volts, or joules per coulomb) is the electric energy charge difference of electric potential energy transported between two points.

How does a proton get its positive electric charge?

A proton has a positive electronic charge because it contains two up quarks (+2/3 charge each) and one down quark (-1/3 charge).+2/3 + +2/3 - -1/3 = +3/3 charge

What is the relation between energy and charge?

The relationship between energy and charge is potential difference or voltage. Where a volt is defined as existing between two points in an electric field when one joule of energy is required to move a charge of one coulomb between the two points.

Is it true for an electric current to flow only if two objects have a different charge?

Only if there is a potential difference between two points, does the charge move specifically in a direction.

In an electric field 0.90 J of work is required to bring 0.45 C of charge from point A to point B. What is the electric potential difference between points A and B?