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What are the 4 most common swimming strokes?



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The four major strokes in swimming are:

Freestyle: A stoke involving the constant kick of your feetwhile your arms move like a zipper up your side and over your head. In this stroke you breate to alternating sides and do flip turns.

Backstroke: A stroke involving the constant kicking motion of your feet and your arms moving in a propeler motion on your back. In this stroke you breathe whenever because your face is out of the water and also do flip turns.

Breaststroke: A stroke that involves your legs kicking by coming up to your butt then forcefully coming down then your arms move in a circle from in front of your head down to your bust line. In this stroke you breathe after every pull, if you don't, you will be disqualified! Also, you must touch all walls with two hands at the same time.

Butterfly: A stroke involving your feet dolphin kicking once and then they kick at the same time as your arms come out of the water above your bach, enter a little to the sides of your head and then make a keyhole with your arms in the water. In this troke, you breathe after every two kicks and also must touch with two hands.