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The four main reservoirs of water in the water cycle are the oceans, atmosphere, land, and glaciers. Water evaporates from the surface of the oceans and forms clouds in the atmosphere. These clouds then release precipitation, which falls on the land and can be stored in lakes, rivers, and groundwater. Some of the water also accumulates in glaciers and ice caps.

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all 4 mississipi rivers

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Q: What are the 4 reservoirs of water in the water cycle?
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Where is most water srored in water cycle?

Water is stored as underground water, in reservoirs etc. Water is stored in various water bodies.

What are the four main water reservoirs?

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What are oceans the atmosphere and groundwater in the water cycle?

what oceans the atmoshphere and groudwater are all in the

What are the four main reservoirs?

The four main water reservoirs are: 1. Ocean 2. Polar Ice & Glaciers 3. Groundwater 4. Freshwater Lakes

What are the three main reservoirs of the oxygen cycle?

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Because solar energy runs the water cycle, giving rise to precipitation, and then the rain water flows into the reservoirs of dams.

What is the correct spelling for reservoirs?

The catch basin for water is a reservoir; the plural is reservoirs.

What are 4 prhases of the water cycle?

There are 4 phases of water cycle. These are:Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Collection

What are 4 msin parts of the water cycle?

The 4 main parts of the water cycle are:evaporation , condensation, precipitation,collection. These parts form basis of water cycle.

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