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Q: What are the 6 parts of a confirmation ceremony?
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What is a Confirmation candle?

A confirmation candle is a candle mostly used in a protestant confirmation ceremony, it has symbols of the Holy Spirit on it.

What are the 3 essential parts of the rite of Confirmation?

The three esential parts of the rite of confirmation are: baptism,eucharist and confirmation

Why is confirmation important to Catholics?

It is a ceremony that verifies your commitment to the faith.

How long does a catholic confirmation ceremony last?

Depending on the size of the class, anywhere from 30 mins for a single with a small ceremony to 3 hours.

Do children have holy communion ceremony at Church of England?

Yes, after confirmation.

What happens during the confirmation ceremony?

The young person receives the Seal of the Holy Spirit.

In a confirmation ceremony the bishop does what?

dances and hops up and down. he also partys. :D

What are the actions and words said in the Catholic Confirmation ceremony?

"Receive the Seal of the Holy Spirit."

What does a priest do in a Confirmation ceremony?

In a confirmation ceremony a priest helps the Bishop with everything.Catholic AnswerIt depends, at the Easter Vigil, there is a Confirmation ceremony at which the priests, with due deputation from their Bishop, perform the Confirmations. I have been a confirmations for an entire Deanery where the Vicar General confirms half the confirmands. In other circumstances, the priest would be assisting the Bishop, or just celebrating the Mass.

What are the three main parts of the confirmation Mass?

Liturgy of the Word Rite of Confirmation (conferral of Sacrament by Bishop) Liturgy of the Eucharist If you wanted to divide it into more parts, you would either have to name the specific actions in the confirmation part, or break out individual parts of the Liturgy of the Word, or the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

What three main parts of the confirmation mass?


Why does the Bishop perform a Confirmation ceremony?

Because it is when the young person makes an adult decision to remain within the Church.

How would you describe a confirmation ceremony?

When a young person makes his/her own adult decision to remain within the Church.

What does the bishop do in a confirmation ceremony?

He places his hand on the forehead of the candidate & says "Receive the Seal of the Holy Spirit."

What goes first baptism or confirmation?

Baptism must occur first according to the order of the sacraments, although for some Eastern Rite Catholics Baptism and Confirmation can occur at the same ceremony, the Baptism is done first followed immediately by Confirmation. The normal requirement for confirmation is that the person already be a baptized Catholic.

Why do some Christian churches hold Confirmation ceremonies when people are in their teens?

Infant baptism does not involve a conscious decision to be a Christian. Confirmation ceremonies are at least intended to show confirmation of that decision at an age when the teenager can make a conscious choice to be a Christian or otherwise. Thus the Confirmation ceremony is used to demonstrate an ongoing commitment as a Christian.

How does confirmation reveal the participants beliefs?

Confirmation is a sacrament, usually imparted by the Bishop, or by a priest who has be appointed by him for this. Like all sacraments, confirmation imparts grace to the person receiving it, although this grace is like a seed, and must be activated by living free from sin (going to confession) and actively using it so that it may grow. The actual confirmation ceremony would only reveal the fact that the person receiving the sacrament believes in it, or, at least, that his parents or sponsors believe in it (the recipient may be an infant). It is only in living out your life in accordance with your confirmation that you would reveal your beliefs, not in the ceremony itself.

What is a formal religious ceremony of the Catholic church?

Baptism, confirmation, matrimony, novena, the Mass are all examples.A Mass

Do you receive Confirmation during a separate ceremony than Mass?

.Roman Catholic AnswerYou can, but the usual way is to celebrate Confirmation in the middle of Mass.

What is the ceremony of six in The Giver?

The book does not tell what happens at the ceremony of 6, or what they receive.

How old are you when you make confirmation?

If you are a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church, you receive Confirmation in the same ceremony you receive Baptism and Holy Communion. In the Western Church, you are suggested to receive Confirmation after reaching the age of reason (about 7), but it can be received any time after you have received Baptism.

What happens in the ceremony confirmation?

In the ceremony of confirmation: 1.Presentation of the candidate 2.Renewal of baptismal vows ( our faith, proud to profess it in Chirst Jesus) 3.laying of hands (priest give them the spirit of wisdom, courage, understanding, right judgement, and knowledge) 4.Anointing with chrism (to be sealed with the gift of the holy spirit) 5.Final blessing and dismissal Also the sponsor person which you have selected will be present there where they will putt their arm on your shoulder throughout the main confirmation ceremony.;

What do you get out of confirmation in the Catholic Church?

You cannot be 'unconfirmed' but if you have not yet been confirmed you can just refuse to go through with the ceremony - nobody can force you!

What is a confirmation sponsor proxy?

Someone who stands in for the sponsor if the sponsor cannot make the ceremony. The proxy should also be Catholic and Confirmed.

Do you give a gift at a Jewish confirmation?

A "Jewish Confirmation" is a modern term that refers to a graduation from Jewish religious school. It is not a traditional ritual and there is no established rule about gift gifing, since this ceremony has only been around for about 30 years.