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What are the 6 strongest Pokemon?


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Well Lots of people think different thinks, But I think its. 6. Palkia 5. Garchomp 5. Metagross 4. Gengar 3. Regigigas 2. Darkrai 1.Arceus. (Now u can get it )

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yes it is the strongest Pokemon

mew is the strongest Pokemon

its the second strongest Pokemon

its the therd strongest Pokemon

The strongest Pokemon is Lugia. It's the strongest, the rarest is Celebi.

There is no overal strongest Pokemon in the game, but the strongest you will face will be Mewtwo.

darkrai is the second strongest pokemon.

The strongest Pokemon in the world is...... Arceus

No kecleon is not the strongest pokemon.........Arceus is

there is no strongest Pokemon because every Pokemon has weakness arceus is the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon pearl but can still be beaten

I think the strongest Pokemon in emerald is blaziken

Torterra or Shaymin is the strongest Grass Pokemon.

the strongest water Pokemon is Palkia

the middlest strongest pokemon is............ Rayquaza!!

I think you mean Metagross, and no, it is not the strongest pokemon.

It's Bulbasaur of course! He's also the strongest Pokemon ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! actually arceus is strongest POKEMON ever

There is no strongest Pokemon. There are Ubers but the list hasn't come out yet.

Ho-oh or Lugia is the strongest Pokemon in Crystal. Tyranitar would be third strongest.

The strongest pokemon in pokemon ruby is Rayquaza!!! Rayquaza knows ExtremeSpeed Fly Uproar.

The strongest Pokemon is Arceus, But it still depends on their level and what moves they have

Charizard is the fourth strongest Pokemon so he is not Rhyperior is

Pikachu, Caterpi, Wurmple, Burmey, Magikarp, and Pichu

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