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What is the meaning of protocal?

A protocol is a set of rules by which computers communicate with each other across a network. A protocol is a convention or standard that controls or enables the connection, communication, and data transfer between computing endpoints, and may be implemented by hardware, software or a combination ( Full Answer )

What is protocal?

It is a formalized solution procedure for a given situation. An example is airplanes have a protocol, that should be followed, for almost evry problem that can occur while flying. The protocol is the excepted method that has the best possible outcome for the situation. There are many situation ( Full Answer )

What does protocal mean?

uhm im kina confused because yuh doont tell meh the answer instead. yuh tell meh like for example i aksed yuh a question and it says. Do you mean that or that. thats why im confused and im spelling my words right so pleasse

What words start in oi?

oil . oil color painting . oiler (can with long spout that oils machines) . oily (as in "My hair is oily") . ointment

What are some oi words?

boil foil spoil moist oink toilet soil oil noise point avoid boiler broil coil coin coir droits endpoint

What words have 'oi' in them?

oil boil coil doilie foil soil toil loiter goiter Oil, roil, boil, soil, toil, foil, coil, moil, AND MORE!

What does oi mean?

If your referring to the Japanese "oi" then it is mostly used when someone wants to get your attention, in English it would mean "hey!" but not as a getting but a way to get ones attention, depending on how it is said, it could also be considered very rude. In very few cases has it been used as a pr ( Full Answer )

What is the Montreal protocal?

In 1987 over 160 countries signed this agreement, phasing out theiruses of CFC's and other ozone depleting substances.

Oi Cut it out lads?

cut it out lads is created by Gary wen he thinks he is a hero and starts to become a dik oi cut it out lads.

What is connecton oriented protocal?

Where the network connection establishes a connection using the tcp/ip 3 way handshake before commencing transmission of data. Packets are guaranteed delivery to the destination node.

Oi broke a strings on a guitar?

take it off and throw it , their cheap to replace so don't worry , slide it up the neck and twist until its in tune, play than tune again. It will sound different so change the whole set to make playing less awkward.

What is tunneling protocal?

Tunneling, also known as "port forwarding," is the transmission of data intended for use only within a private, usually corporate network through a public network in such a way that the routing node in the public network are unaware that the transmission is part of a private network. Tunneling is ge ( Full Answer )

What are the full lyrics to ziggy zoggy ziggy zoggy oi oi oi?

A Salute to Your Health or Well-being! Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit, der gemiitlichkeit Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit, der gemiitlichkeit (Cheer!) Eins, zwei, Drei g'suffa! Zicke, zacke, zicke, zacke, hoi, hoi, hoi, Zicke, zacke, zicke, zacke, hoi, hoi, hoi, Prosit

Word with oi in ending with e?

words with OI ending in E:. noise . poise . voice . choice . invoice . coinage . coincide, coincidence . moisture, moisturize . noisome (not wholesome, disagreeable, bad smelling)

What does oi lienda mean?

I think "oi lienda" is mispeled. I speak portuguese and "oi linda" would make much more sense, which means "hi beautiful".

What is secure electronic payment protocal?

Electronic Payment Systems: Definition: Electronic Payment is a financial exchange that takes place online between buyers and sellers. The content of this exchange is usually some form of digital financial instrument (such as encrypted credit card numbers, electronic cheques or digital cash) t ( Full Answer )

What is network protocal?

Any set of rules used to communicate between equipments. A real network uses many protocols together; for example, to access a Web site on your company's network, your computer would probably use Ethernet; IP; TCP; ARP; HTTP; and probably a few more.\n

What is Routing information protoc RIP?

RIP is a routing protocol - a protocol (set of rules) that allows a router to exchange information, with other routers, about existing routes.\n

What are words that have oi in them?

anoint . appoint . boil . boink . boisterous . broil . choice . cloister . coil . coin . coincidence . coincide . disappoint . disjointed . doily . foil . going . goiter . groin . hoist . invoice . join . joint . loin . loiter . moil . moist . noise . oil . oink . point ( Full Answer )

What are words that have oi?

abattoir This is all that i could think of. abattoirs aboideau aboideaus aboideaux aboil aboiteau aboiteaus aboiteaux acaroid actinoid actinoids acyloin acyloins adenoid adenoidal adenoids adjoin adjoined adjoining adjoins adjoint adjoints adrenocorticosteroid adrenocorticosteroids adroit adroiter ( Full Answer )

Differentiate between TCP and UDP protocal?

\nTCP is a protocal that keeps track of data loss and has ways of handling lost packets.\n\nUDP does not have this ability and packet loss must be handled by the programmer.

What does AIDS-OI mean?

OI= Opportunistic Infection. It is a term that describes a number of different infections, or symptoms that can occur while the immune system weakend by the AIDS virus.

Explain the strict two-phase locking protocal in dbms?

The strict two-phase locking (S2PL) class of schedules is the intersection of the 2PL class with the class of schedules possessing the Strictness property. To comply with the S2PL protocol a transaction needs to comply with 2PL, and release its write (exclusive) locks only after it has ended, i. ( Full Answer )

What are the 3 protocal in application layer?

There are more than 3 protocols at the application layer. Three well-known protocols are: HTTP - web page traffic FTP - file transfer traffic SMTP - email transfer

What is spelling rule for oi?

oi comes at the beginning and middle of the word and oy usually comes at the end. Although, as always, there are exceptions to the rule.

How do you pronounce Ngo oi ney?

Pronounced exactly the way it is written above. The phrase is the Cantonese pronunciation of 我爱你 wǒ​ ài​ nǐ​ --> meaning 'I love you'

How ois a foul ball determined?

The batted ball must first either land in fair territory, be touched while in fair territory, or go over the outfield fence in fair territory to be determined a fair ball. Any ball that is fair before the 1st or 3rd base bag and goes foul without being touched is a foul ball, however, a ball that go ( Full Answer )

How do you spell oi yoi yoi?

There are three possible forms of the exclamation: 1) The call-and-answer chant ( Oi, Oi, Oi! ) follows the expression Aussie Aussie Aussie as a cheer by Australians for a national sporting team. It is a variant of the Oggy Oggy Oggy British version. 2) The Spanish interjection is spelled ( Full Answer )

Is oi a word?

yes it is it is a name of a greek woman who turned into a cow.

What country said 'oi' as a 'hello'?

Thought they said it in Mexico. Well if you know the song "Feeling Hot Hot Hot", then you'll probably get the answer.

What is the correct spelling of oi vay?

The Yiddish interjection is usually spelled " Oy vey! " (from אױ װײ - translates to "Oh, woe!") (This is a short form of the longer phrase " Oy vey iz mir", meaning "Oh, woe is me!")

What does oi mean in Yiddish?

"Oy" is a mild expletive from the Russian. It's used as "oh gee", "oof", "drat", "ouch", "oh pussy feathers", etc. It's so mild that its use by Russian children is quite acceptable.

Why is there engine oi?

The oil is in the engine to keep the internal parts lubricated. This is done because without it, the engine would sieze. Metal on metal doesnt typically work well without some kind of lubricant.

What is uart protocal?

UART Protocol stands for Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter. It is a piece of computer hardware that is used to translate data that runs between parallel and serial forms.

Why http is standard protocal?

http is standard Protocol because it provides a standard for Web browsers and servers to communicate

How do you spell OIS?

The acronym OIS can stand for : The textspeak phrase "oh I see" (more often OIC) Optical Image Stabilization (in cameras) Overnight Indexed Swap (financial transaction) Organization for Internet Safety (trade group) Officer Involved Shooting (police term) Office of Information Security ( Full Answer )

What country is Oi Mail popular in?

Oi Mail is mainly popular in Brazil, which is where it is headquartered. It is a site dedicated to offering people email services and has live customer care if one has forgotten their password.

What actors and actresses appeared in O nanos kai oi 7 hionates - 1970?

The cast of O nanos kai oi 7 hionates - 1970 includes: Alexia Askaridou Fifi Bali Makis Demiris Mary Farmaki Giannis Fermis Giannis Fyrios Costa Fyssoun Maro Gravliotou Giorgos Grigoriou Kostas Jaguar Miltos Kondeas as Makis Diamantoglou Niki Makri Aggelos Mavropoulos Marika Nezer Antonis Papadopoul ( Full Answer )

What protocal used in dns?

Typically User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is used for both the request from the client and the response from the server. However, sometimes when the response from the server is larger, it may be handled with Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).

Oi quem in English language?

Oi quem e is a common Portuguese phrase that means 'hi, who areyou' when translated into English.

What has the author Marius Ois written?

Marius Ois has written: 'Organic and ecological grounds maintenance for multiple housing' -- subject(s): Grounds maintenance, Organic gardening