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  • 1 Movement
  • 2 Unity
  • 3 Harmony
  • 4 Variety
  • 5 Balance
  • 6 Contrast
  • 7 Proportion
  • 8 Pattern/Rhythm
  • sorry it's eight.. hahha :)
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Q: What are the 7 priciples of art and design?
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The ISBN of The Art of Computer Game Design is 0-88134-117-7.

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What do you call the principle of art that repeats the same kind of movement in art?

Pattern-is created through the repetition of the design element.movement-is created when a design element directs the viewers eyes in a direction usually to a focal point.The 7 design elements are:line, shape, form, texture, value, space, and colorThe 7 design principles are:balance,unity,emphasis,contrast,pattern,movement, and rhythm........

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