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We can't say them on WikiAnswers either. Profanity is against the rules of WikiAnswers website.

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You can say them all on cable TV now, but not on WikiAnswers!

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Q: What are the 7 words you can't say on public television?
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Why in society can a woman say demeaning things about men in public private or TV and a man can not say anything about women?

Its like how white people cant call black people N*** but black people can call themselves that

What are you not allwowed to say on kids tv?

You are'nt allowed to say rude or abusive words.

What are all the curse words in the worlds?

cant say them bad words

Can you say bad words if your young?

You cant under 15

Is for goodness sake a bad word?

One way to define "bad words" is anything words not allowed to be broadcast on public airwaves during primetime or anytime that children are likely to be listening. "For goodness sake" is not among them. For informative and entertaining reference, check out "The seven dirty words you can't say on television," by George Carlin. Easy to find on YouTube.

Why can's you see the words in the top left corner of your screen in skyrim?

Whenever i am playing skyrim on my xbox, i cant see the words in the top left corner of my screen. Say if an item was added to my inventory or i got a disease, it will cut off most of the words. Is there a way to fix this? I dont think it is my tv because i tried it on 2 different really nice tv's and it still had the same problem.p

Whichcomedian had a routine called seven words you can't say on tv?

George Carlin

Did Hannah Montana say bad words?

no miley is bad word free NOT ON TV

Can you say the word ass on the radio and tv?

Yes - its not one of the seven bad words.

What comedian had a routine called Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television?

George Carlin

Can a camera crew air you on tv if you say they cant film as its a resurant?

i work in a resuarnt and had ask a some to stop filming as its a family resuarnt. as they said it would be on tv can they air it with out you saying yes

Seven word you can't say on television?

This will depend on the country, the channel and perhaps the time of day. They are likely to be words you would not want to say on WikiAnswers.