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Q: What are the Answrs for vocabay workshop level c you it 11 completing the sentence?
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from wikii answrs

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the way this website answrs questions absolutely sucks

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wiki answers is stupid, dont trust its answrs

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we r expctin sum kinda answrs frm u so don ask us to make bloody answers u ******

What is the order of answers to 8.13 for punchline?

The order of answrs to 8.13 in the Punchline text book can be found on the answer key. Answer keys can be purchased online or they typically come with the teachers book.

What is the diff between collegue and coworker?

Colleague and coworker are similar words yes but have different meanings. Colleague is a fellow member of a profession, staff, or academic faculty; an associate. And Coworker is someone who works with another; a fellow worker.I hope tthat answrs ur question

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What are good adverbs?

Good adverbs are adverbs that are good.

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What should you do to score above 90 percent in Hindi and English for your X board exams?

see fo scoring good marks in literature u need to be smart enough to understand the real meaning of question and hit the answer on the point...many of the student writ answrs but they stil dont get marks its coz they writ bt the first thing which shuld be looked into is to improve onself of getting the meaning of question and then writ in simple words tht wil only fetch u good marks...u need nt to be master in vocabulary jst do a thing of maintaing your pace of answering all the question...r=try writng all answrs perfect n tre goes an impression of good student.... for english you must be through with ur texts..n u shuld know all the events 1 after the other...this is wt takes a bit labour moreover u shuld solve some questions of test papers coz they hv got a pattern 4 ur boards so u l kw the marks system... for hindi first do care 4 ur spellings nd practice writing short answrs of poety.....coz tre u need to test urself tht hw far hv u understtod ur poem...i wold like to say tht scoring in hindi above 90 percent is damm easy...first of all as its ur mother tounge so u know it very well..n by tht u can write well,answers for ur stories and to get the best answers 4 poetry hold ur teacher and go on writing notes and reading tht wil help u to solve poetry question... well thre isnt anythng to worry u can surely score above ninty if u rely want to score.............................................. remember "THE PATH FROM THE DREAM DOES EXIST MAY U HAVE VISION TO FIND IT, THE COURAGE TO GET ON TI AND THE PERSEVERANCE(REPEATED TRING EVEN AFTER MEETING WITH FAILURE)TO FOLLOW IT." FOLLOW THIS MA FRND N U L GET 90 ABOVE IN ALL SUBJECTS......................................