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== == == == The answer is correct in part, for more inclusive information: Please see related link below.


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Q: What are the Common uses of Orchids?
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What are some common uses of orchids?

Some common uses of orchids are as centerpieces and bouquets. They are also often used for medicinal purposes for their healing and anti-depressant properties.

What is the common name of orchids?


What is the common name of orchids leaf?

what is the common name of orchid

What is some common flora in Brazil?


What is special about orchids?

Nothing is really special about orchids. They are one of the most common plant species in the world.

What do trees and orchids have in common?

Orchids grow on tree bark in the tropical forest. Can't elaborate any further sorry

Uses of orchids?

Most orchids are used for medicinal purposes especially in Chinese medicine in herbal teas. Orchids are used in beauty products such as fragrances and lotions as well as some foods including vanilla ice cream.

What is an example of a monocot?

Common examples are grass, cattails, lilies, onions, orchids.

What are orchids?

Orchids are flowering plants. There are many different species of orchids.

What orchids grow in the Daintree rainforest?

CattleyaOrchidsDendrobiumsVanda OrchidsMoth OrchidsLady Slippers

What are terrestrial orchids?

Terrestrial orchids are orchids that live in the soil of the ground and not in trees

What are an orchids uses?

What the black orchid does is it takes you mare or stallions of geldings energy, health, and moral up to 100%

Common uses of radium?

common uses of radium

Where apple orchids are?

That sentence does not make sense do you mean where are apple orchids or what are apple orchids?

Are orchids more common to grow on the ground or trees?

in the ground, they usually dont grow in trees.

what are some of the most common plants in the everglades what are some of the most popular plants in the everglades?


Are orchids monocots?

yes, orchids are monocots.

Are black orchids real?

'Black orchid' is the common name for several types of orchids growing in different parts of the world; they may be of a dark color but to the best of my knowledge none is actually black.

What colors do orchids come in?

There are many colors that orchids can be.

Do orchids have rhizoids?

Most Orchids have back bulbs.

Where are orchids located?

Orchids are normally located in the rainforest...

Who is the speaker in the poem orchids?

what is the mood in the poem orchids

How orchids grow?

Orchids can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Where in Jamaica can orchids be found?

where in Jamaica can orchids can be found

What thing eats orchids?

a animal eats orchids