What are the Computer units?

Updated: 11/8/2022
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BCD (binary coded decimal) - 4 bit Byte - 8 bit


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Q: What are the Computer units?
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Explain the importance of various units of computer?

The various units of computer helps us understand the computer in detail.

Units of measure in a computer?

0 & 1

What contains electronic components of the computer used to process data?

A.mother board b.central process units c.system units d.none of the above

What are physical units attached to the computer?

External devices which are attached to the computer are called "peripherals."

What are the course units in computer science study?


In an experiment treatments are applied to experimental units to see what happens to the units Examples of experimental units are plants cartons of milk or computer chips When the experimental units?


How much would a computer base unit cost?

The price of a computer base unit depends on the hardware. However, you can usually purchase computer base units from between $300 and $600. You can purchase these base units from websites such as eBay.

What are the four components of computer processing Explain what each component does?

CPU input units output units and primary memory

What are the types of computer system units?

The system unit is the part of the computer that holds the motherboard, power supply and storage. The different types of system units are desktop, tower, mini-tower and notebook.

Where can you buy computer head units?

Computer head units can be bought at your local hardware or Electronics store, such as Best Buy. They can also be bought at websites like Amazon which also sells electronics.

Where are visual display units used?

It's the monitor used with your computer.

Which unit controls the working of other units of computer?

Circuitry board