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The disadvantage of product development is that it can get costly because resources are required by the Research and Development department of the business; a lot of experiments and tests are also performed.

Secondly, product development involves a risk of whether the consumers will like the new features that have been developed/added to the new/existing product.

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What are the disadvantages of community development?

A disadvantage of community development is that there will be more traffic. Another disadvantage of community development is noise, more people, and more crime.

What are the disadvantages and advantages of dynamic system development method?

give the disadvantages of each of the three system development methods?

When was Product Development Technologies created?

Product Development Technologies was created in 1995.

When was Synapse Product Development created?

Synapse Product Development was created in 2001.

What is the population of Pharmaceutical Product Development?

The population of Pharmaceutical Product Development is 2,012.

What are the disadvantages of technological development?


What are advantages and disadvantages of product marketing?

Advantages: None Disadvantages: A few

What are advantages and disadvantages of industrial development?

industrial development pollute our natural air

Disadvantages of system development life cycle?

The end-product of system development life cycle often reflects the developer's understanding of requirements rather than the user's. Also, SDLC documentation is costly and cumbersome to create and maintain.

What is design development?

Design development is the development of a design from its concept to the making of the product.

Advantages and disadvantages of economic development?

The advantages of economic development include the following; 1.

What is the process of a new product development about?

The process of a new product development is about creating a new product that is successful in the consumer market. It involves teams of marketing experts.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Tyler's model of curriculum development?


Difference between product development and new product development?

The former is an old process whilst the latter is a new one.

What is the difference between product development and service development?

Product based company will be involved in the development of Product like a Telecom Product or Billing Product etc., Microsoft is a Product based company.Service Based company will be involved in the development of Application which will used to serve the various sectors such as Insurance, Health care, Retail, Banking etc., There are lot of Service based companies such as TCS, Wipro, Satyam etc.,

What does a product development specialist do?

lol does the answer

Can you give some examples of intensive growth strategy in a company of their product?

market development, market penetration, product development, diversification

What is service product development?

It is the development of new or existing services. Services are in fact products. Goods and services are two types of product.

What are advantages and disadvantages of community development?

Advantages of community development can include economical resources that can fulfill the need for employment. The disadvantages of community development most often includes environmental changes, more pollution, and the alteration of natural landforms.

New product development in banking sector?

New product development in banking is aimed at improving efficiency. All the essential factors should be considered when the product is being developed.

What is mean by Outsourced Product Development?

Outsourcing is a search and identifying sources for product development for goods & services by strong Business ideas, strong strategy, innovative practices and in-depth market knowledge which are must for developing any Software Product Development in today's competitive business environment. Several Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) or Software product development organizations adopt the smartest Offshore product development strategy that helps in freeing their valuable resources who can be directed to more importance areas of product innovation, product management, CRM, marketing and distribution.

What are advantages of Simultaneous Product Development in new product development process?

Simultaneous product development is when a product is worked on by multiple departments at one. This process is done with careful integration and team work to help produce a successful result. This process is usually used to What_is_Simultaneous_Product_Developmentwhen a competitor may have an advantage in the development phase.

What are disadvantages of Extreme Programming?

Not Suitable for large development projects

How do you abbreviate product development?

There is no standard way to abbreviate Development, but I suggest Devlpmt.

What is involved in commercial product development?

an idea for a product is formulated and development of the product begins. During this stage sales are zero, consumer research begins, and promotion consists of public relations