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Side effects are: * Abdominal cramping * Nausea * Headache * Tiredness * Decrease/Increase in vaginal discharge * Swollen breasts * Tender nipples/breasts

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Q: What are the Side effects of the pill?
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Can the pill make you get your period early?

the pill has so many side effects listed that you should read the label for side effects

Does Ortho Evra have the same side effects as the pill?

Yes ortho evra has the same possible side effects as taking the pill does although some of the effects differ in serverity between the pill and ortho evra.

What are the side effects of the iron pill?

There are minimal side effects of an iron pill. It's best to discuss any change in any medication you might be taking with a doctor.

White oblong pill ip110 on one side?

Hydrocodone 10mg with 325mg of Tylenol

How do you check if im taking right contraceptive pill?

It's very easy -- if you're happy with the pill and not having side effects, it's the right pill. Most women do well on a wide variety of pills, and there is no one right pill. Women on the wrong pill may complain of side effects. The side effects they're having guide the prescriber in choosing the next pill to try.

Who sang Sweet Little Pill?

the cast of side effects

What are common side effects of the birth control pill?

Like any other medication, the birth control pill has side effects to be aware of. Some common side effects are headache, breakthrough bleeding, mood swings and decreased libido.

What are the side effects of the Charlize contraceptive pill?

Some side effects of the Charlize Contraceptive Pill include:HeadachesGastric upsetsNauseaVomitingImpaired appetiteBreast tendernessSlight changes in body weight and libidoDepressive moodsLiver issues

Is it bad to stay on the pill for too long?

If you have side effects then maybe you should get off the pill. You can gain weight off the pill.

Are there side effects to chill pills?

You are exhibiting one of the symptoms of the Chill Pill. The side effect is Stupidity. So you will not receive any more side effects. Take at least 8 oz. of water with the Chill Pill.

Why wouldn't the dose of the birth control pill be high enough?

Because a high dosed pill can lead to side effects

What are the side effect of using pills?

It depends on the type of pill you are taking, if you look on the packet/container in which the pill was originally handed to you in then it should say on the side what it's side effects are... if not then you can research the name of the pill on the internet and find out that way.

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