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The standard dimensions for a bar is 42 inches high. There is not standard for the bar length. It depends on how many people you wish to seat at the bar. As a general rule you should allow two feel per person.

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Q: What are the Standard dimensions for a bar?
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What is the standard gold bar size and weight from Burma circa around World War 2?

The standard gold bar size and weight from Burma circa World War 2 was 400 ounces or 27.5 pounds. While this was the standard dimensions of a Burmese gold bar back during World War 2, it remains pretty much the same today. In fact, these dimensions are also recognized in the United States, as well as other international countries.

Standard restaurant bar dimensions?

Bar servery counters are usually between 1050mm and 1100mm high, which provides the optimum height for use with bar stools and also customers leaning on the counter top

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How seriously is the result of tension test of requirements bar affected if the specimen dimensions vary a little from the standard?

In direct proportion to the variation.

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What are the standard wet bar dimensions?

The dimensions of the standard wet bar are 42 X 18. The height is based on the average height of most people to ensure that you're not having to crouch or bend over too much. The depth is based on the size of the average sink and fixtures. The depth can actually be as much as 20-24 inches to accommodate larger sinks and fixtures.

WHAT are the dimensions of a bar?

It is the volume(size) of the bar.

Standard toilet dimensions?

The standard dimensions for a toilet can vary depending on the country you live in. The American standard is either 14 or 15 inches.

Difference between menu bar and standard bar?

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Standard liquor bar stool height?

Standard height for a bar in the US is 42" and standard height bar stool for a 42 inch bar is a 30 inch bar stool.

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There is not an agreed standard size.

What is the volume of the bar?

The answer will depend on its dimensions.

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In general queen size mattresses come in a standard size. Therefore, the inside dimensions meet with corresponding mattress. The standard dimensions are 60â?? x 80'.

What are the dimensions of a standard kingsize bed?

The standard dimensions in N.America for a king size bed are: 76 in × 80 in/193 cm × 203 cm

What is the dimensions of standard T shape fashion show ramp?

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What are the dimensions of a Cadbury chocolate bar?

there is none

What are the dimensions of a Hershey bar?

16X7 CM.

Standard size of a bar countertop?

What's the standard size for counter top bar

What are the standard dimensions of a window?


What are the dimensions on step bar brackets for a truck?

Each make and model truck would have different dimensions.

What is the standard counter height of a breakfast bar?

The Standard counter height of the Bar should be in between 42" to 48" depending on the Bar Stool height.

What are the Dimensions of a Hershey chocolate bar?

16X7 CM.

What are the dimensions of a standard American refrigerator?

American refrigerators come in various sizes and dimensions. There is no actual standard dimension for an American fridge as they vary based on the customer's needs.

What are the dimensions of a one kilo gold bar?

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