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What are the Types of history?


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4 Types of History

The types of history are physical history, ancient/cultural history religious history military history and political history.


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"the 3 types of history; a)etymology b)specific c)general"

we have oral history,written history,Archaelogy,Recorded Eye-witness Accounts,Art,Official records, history books. we have 8 types.

The two types of history & prehistory. History is the chronological record of what humans beings thought aspired and acted for. Prehistory is the period before writing.

oral history , written history , history reccounted

There are no "six sources of history", there are countless sources of history, and a range of types of source that defies such neat compartmentalisation.

Family history. inheritance

weird history, which is not true, and funny history, which may or may not be true. official history,which was written in the book,and is not the true one. the inmost history,which is engraved on people'heart,and is the true one.

You can view this link to know the answer to your question.

There are many different types of museums, including art museums, history museums, natural history museums, anthropological museums, tribal museums, children's museums, and science museums.

different types of evidence can be things such as paintings, diarys, passports,old clothing and remains from history.

Three types of medical information include:Family medical historyPersonal medical historyCurrent symptoms, medications, etc.

Ancient History and Modern History but there are lots of sub-catorgories such as: Romans, Ancient Eygpt, Victorian Period, Tudors, Ancient Greece ect.

In the Tools menu, choose Clear Private Data. In the dialog box that opens, choose what types of history to delete. Browsing History is the history of sites you have visited.

there are two types of cell plant cell and animal cell.

1. archaeological evidence; 2. historiography = documents, history treaties, chronicles; 3. inscriptions in stone.

The eight types of culture are: Daily life, History, Social Groups, Arts, Government Language, Religion and Economy.

The first types of chemistry were practiced as early as 40000 B.C. These early types revolved around alchemy and manipulating metals.

There are a variety of types of Ph.D.'s. These include a Ph.D. in Psychology, a Ph.D. in Art History, a Doctor of Education, and a Ph.D. in Archaeology.

everybody but white people pretty much

There are two types of rocks that record the history of life on Earth. These rocks include fossils and geodes.

because u can learn about different types of things like , there culture , different types of languages and also the peoples.

Historians investigate and write about various types of history. Generally speaking, knowing about history can help mankind learn from history's errors and successes.

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