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What are the Xploder codes to unlock Amy Rose in Sonic Advance?


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2006-08-02 23:02:09
2006-08-02 23:02:09

amy is already unlocked in sonic advance. in sonic advance 2 beat the game with every character with all 7 chaos emeralds to unlock her. in sonic advance 3 beat toy kingdom with sonic as leader ro unlock her.

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There is a gameshark website and to find it search google sonic advance 2 gameshark codes and you might find it.

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I don't know any action replay codes, but you can turn into Super Sonic (and Burning Blaze) in Sonic and Blaze mode. You unlock it after beating the final-final bosses. You unlock the final-final bosses after you get all the emeralds.

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Super Sonic is not a playable character in sonic battle. Some people used hacking codes to change sonic's appearance and make him more powerful, thus making super sonic

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