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fig fig fig fig

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Q: What are the adaptations of a fig tree?
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Is a fig tree a fruit tree?

yes a fig tree is a fruit tree

What are some flora adaptations in the rain forest?

Strangler Fig- seed is planted in canopies. When strangler fig is growing it wraps it's around its host tree (the tree it was planted on) and deprives it from light, rain and nutrients.

Is a fig tree an angiosperm or gymnosperm?

A fig tree is an angiosperm

What us the life span of a fig tree?

what is the life span of a FIG Tree

When was Fig Tree Bridge created?

Fig Tree Bridge was created in 1885.

What is a fig tree used for?

To make fig newtons.

What does a strangler fig do?

the strangler fig climbs onto another tree and strangles it until it dies and then the fig is attached to the dead tree

What tree has the deepest roots?

Fig tree

What is a mukuyu tree?

A wild fig tree

What is the scientific name for a fig tree?

A fig tree is the name for a genus of trees called Ficus.

What is a South African fig tree called?

Sycomore Fig

What are some Adaptations of a strangler fig tree?

The strangler fig tree have many adaptations one being that the strangler figs start their lives off as epiphytes, plants that do not root in the soil in their first stages of life, as at the ground level of the rainforest there is little light and a huge amount of competition for water and nutrients meaning that the majority of plants that start off on the ground have to adapt or die. The strangler fig has adapted by using other trees to get itself into the canopy where it is lighter. Once the strangler fig sprouts roots, it begins to use them to strangle the tree. as well as this it competes with the host tree for nuitrients and water, then the strangler fig has a large growth spurt, and once it begins to grow leaves they are very large and they tend to cover those of the host plant. The Strangler fig uses alot of these adaptations to become able to grow into a strong healthy plant.

A tree with a letter f?

fig tree fir tree

What does the strangler fig do to the tree?

The strangler fig tree climbs its way around the host tree competing with it for nutrients and sunlight. Eventually it will cover the host tree fully and the host tree will die. The strangler fig tree will end up hollow.

Where can you purchase a fig tree?

A fig tree can be purchased from many online virtual garden centers or or fig tree suppliers. Examples are Gardens for you, Wills Orchard company or Aarons Farm.

What is the national tree for Barbados?

The bearded fig tree.

What is Barbados national tree?

beard fig tree

What is a common tree in Israel?

olive or fig tree

Which tree talk about more in the bible?

the fig tree...

What is the most mentioned tree in the bible?

Is it the fig tree.

Do fruit bats live in fig trees?

They live in the fig tree

What tree did budha get the enlightenment?

He sat under a sacred fig tree Ficus religiosa), which is a species of banyan fig tree. It is also known as a peepal tree.

Tree that starts with f?

* Fig

What does ejercicio mean?

fig tree

Is the fig tree a dicot?