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long legs, big beak

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Q: What are the adaptations of an ibis?
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What adaptations does the White Ibis have?

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What are adaptations of a crested ibis?

The crested ibis is an endangered species and nearly extinct. The adaptations of this bird include a near bald head with some red skin and white plumes on the neck. The ibis lives at the top of trees overlooking a hill in a nest.

In the scarlet ibis who is the ibis?

The ibis isn't a person, it is a type of bird. The character of Doodle symbolizes the ibis.

Where does a crested ibis get its name from?

mama ibis

What do you call a group of ibis?

a flock of ibis

How tall is Ibis Fernandez?

Ibis Fernandez is 6'.

What is an African sacred ibis?

An African sacred ibis is another name for the sacred ibis, a species of wading bird in the ibis family, Latin name Threskiomis aethiopicus.

When was Madagascar Ibis created?

Madagascar Ibis was created in 1783.

When was Atherix ibis created?

Atherix ibis was created in 1798.

When was Green Ibis created?

Green Ibis was created in 1789.

When was Jamaican Ibis created?

Jamaican Ibis was created in 1977.

When was Giant Ibis created?

Giant Ibis was created in 1877.