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Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of the auto complete feature?
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The word feature that guesses words as you type is called?


Which automatic feature in Word suggests text to insert into the document as you types?


What feature automatically inserts text suggested by a Screen Tip as you type?

auto complete

What are some of the disadvantages of having an auto compass?

The advantages of having an auto compass are numerous, however there are a few disadvantages. There is always a possibility of errors so it's best not to rely solely on any compass given that there is better technology available.

What feature in Excel allows you to complete a series when given the first item or defining numerical sequence of the series?

Auto fill

What is auto complete in excel?

Autocomplete is a feature in Excel spreadsheets that is meant to make data entry faster. Autocomplete is done by typing in one cell, clicking on the cell and dragging it downwards. The remaining cells fill with serial numbers and/or letters.

What feature will provide a list of available functions if you type equals and the first letter of a function in the Formula Bar?

formula auto-complete

Where can someone find information about an auto loan with 0 intro Apr?

One can find information about an auto loan with zero introduction APR on the 'Cars Direct' website. They have information as well as lists of advantages and disadvantages.

What feature where word formats for you?

auto format

How do you use auto complete in the command line?

Tab button will auto complete a command

What is auto feature?

A feature on an appliance which can be set or used so that the appliance will do its function automatically.

does it have an auto shut off feature?

With all of the cool features this treadmill has (i.e - surround sound, built in tv) it does not have an auto shut-off feature.