What are the advantages of Mesh Network Topology?

Mesh network in which multiple redundant links exist between multiple nodes (computers/hosts/servers/distribution switches, etc) so that the network has a web-like topology.

This type of topology has the most redundant and fail-over resilience of any topology. It allows the majority of the network to be up and running even if there are multiple cable cuts or equipment failures. Due to it's increased costs there are two types or versions of this topology: Full Mesh and Partial Mesh.

The Full Mesh simply means that each node in the networks connects to EVERY other node on the network. This GREATLY increases the cost and complexity of the network with each additional node.

The Partial Mesh means that each node is connected to at least two other nodes (could be more, the more you add the more cost/complexity however the more resilient the network is). This give partial cost/complexity but partial resilience.

Contrast with bus network, ring network, and star network.