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Q: What are the advantages of folded plate?
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What is a folded plate structure?

A folded plate structure is a type of building structure. In this type of structure, there are thin walls and flat plates or components connected to create a dihedral angled shell.

Should a napkin be on the right or left of your plate?

The napkin can go under the fork on the left or the plate, or folded in the center of the dinner plate. The napkin can also be: Before a sit down meal. - artfully folded and placed above the dinner/luncheon plate. - artfully folded and tucked into a wine glass. - artfully folded and placed in the center of the dinner/luncheon plate. - rectangularly folded and placed, short side up, under the fork(s) -dinner/salad - rectangularly folded and place, short side up, in the center of the dinner plate - triangularly folded and place across the bread plate. - folded or gathered through a napkin ring (informal/family style meal) Before a buffet meal. - artfully folded into "pockets" with flatware in them - folded and stacked on the buffet table (near the flatware) During a meal, when seated - unfolded and placed across the lap - NEVER tucked into the neck/collar During a meal when you must leave your seat but plan to return. - on your chair seat - NOT refolded or bunched on the table After a meal, when you leave the table - placed neatly next to your plate or place setting if the dishes have been removed.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of plate girder bridge?

write it properly here

What does a metal plate in the skull do?

what are the advantages of a metal plate

How can you explain folded mountain ranges located in the middle of a tectonic plate?


At the neuromuscular junction the muscle fiber membrane is folded to form?

motor end plate

What type of mountain ranges form at convergent plate boundaries?

Folded and volcanic mountains

Would you expect to see a folded mountain range at an ocean ridge?

No. A mid-ocean ridges is a divergent boundary. You find folded mountain at convergent plate boundaries.

What type of mountain is formed when plates converge?

when plate boundaries converge folded mountains are formed.

Why are himalayas called folded mountains?

because the tectonic plate that their on are folding on top of each other.

What do folded mountains and volcanic mountain have in common?

Both were probably formed from convergent plate boundaries.

How can a folded mountain happen in the middle of a tectonic plate?

The tectonic plate boundaries come together and push up on each other to form mountains.