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Fall in the cost of products, increased choices of goods and availabilty of goods.

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How does the impact of globalization benefit developed countries more than developing countries?

Citizens in developed countries have better access to information and communication due to advanced technology.

In what way is globalization a disadvatage for developed nations?

Globalization means all countries depend on each other in one way or another. However, a breakdown in a system in a developing country is bound to affect already developed countries negatively.

How do the economic effects of globalization on developing countries compare to those of developed countries?

Intergovernmental organizations have brought economic aid to developing countries, but have given developed countries more influence and control.

Is globalization a good thing?

It is both good and bad. It brings less developed countries privileges from more developed countries that they would not have otherwise. It also levels the playing field for countries. Some cultures see globalization as a bad thing because of the Western Ideals that seep into their culture.

What are some globalization questions?

what is globalization? what are advantages and disadvantages of globalization? what is free trade

How does globalization affect population?

It increases it in poorer countries and puts downward pressure on population in richer developed countries. this is having the effect of cultures from poor overpopulated countries emigrating to the developed countries making them far more cosmopolitan then any time in history.

What are advantages of globalization?

There are various advantages associated with the act of globalization. For example, research and development is now done on a global scale.

Advantages and disadvantages for producers in Newly Industrialized Countries to out perform and out produce factories in developed countries?


How does globalization benefit developed nations?

Globalization has deeply benefited developed nations. These nations keep track of each other and try to make the biggest world-changing improvements in medicine and technology. These countries motivate each other to keep on themselves on top.

How does globalization benefit farmers in lesser developed regions?

Generally globalization would not help farmers in lesser developed regions as with globalization bigger corporations will have access to sell their products in those lesser developed regions. But farmers can also use globalization to their benefit by selling their goods and expanding their markets elsewhere through the means of globalization and industrialization.

What is the advantage of globalization?

Globalization has advantages. People have access to goods and services from all over the world. Competition is greater with globalization.

What primary advantage does globalization affer the people of developing countries?

People in developing countries have access to innovations of the developed world. This includes computers, and cutting edge medical innovations.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of internationalization of small businesses in less developed countries such as Jamaica?


What has contributed to the increase in labor migration during the recent period of globalization?

Workers are going to developed countries in search of better-paying jobs.

Why does globalization lead to a reduction in wages in developed countries?

Increased mobility allows producers to move jobs to lower-cost labor markets.

On globalization and its effects in the held of law enforcement in the Philippines what are its advantages?

effect of globalization in law enforcement?

What are the 2 of the best advantages of globalization for the pacific rim counties?

The spread of globalization combines dozens of almost sub-process like advantages under one name (financial, communal, technical, educational, political, environmental, greater cultural influence). An advantages of globalization include the spread of democracy, more ways of money flow (especially in the poorest countries), new markets in developing nations, improved quality of products, and integrated media. Globalization is so complicated a thing, so multi-faceted, that it is quite debatable what branches of it are advantages, and what can be classified as cultural assimilation.

What is the impact of globalization on developing countries?

Globalization helps developing countries by creating jobs, and sending money into the economy of that developing country.

The increasing interconnectedness of peoples and countries around the world is known as what?

Globalization is the bringing of the countries of the world closer together.

How does globalization hurt developed countries?

Developed countries are unable to take advantage of globalisation and the standard of living are dropping further behind the richest countries .Furthermore the undeveloped countries are now upgrading their economy hence fighting to become the most superior .Globalisation now has become a wound to the superpower countries. IT LEADS TO JOB LOSS AND WAGE DECREASES ;)

Labor migration has increased dramatically during the recent period of globalization because workers are what?

Workers are going to developed countries in search of better-paying jobs.

How does globalization benefit the economy?

It means more interdependence so more economic growth as business offshore to you so it is like selling your service to developed countries

What are three arguments against globalization?

One argument against globalization is that their is more disparity of wealth now. Other arguments against globalization are that the economics of other countries can affect America and countries can lose jobs when other countries will do the work for less.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of globalisation?

One advantage to globalization is increased revenues. A disadvantage to globalization is the fact that there are more risks for the company.

How is India an example of economic imperialism?

all third world countries are example of economic imperialism and globalization there aren't any better industries in these countries,all they can do is to be a slave for the developed world by offering cheap labour.