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To reduce work and make things more simple, and for sources of knowledge.

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Q: What are the advantages of using robots?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of american military robots?

Advantage- Keeps soldiers out of danger by replacing some of their jobs with robots Disadvantage- Robots are expensive

What are the Advantages of self healing robots?

Advantages of self healing robots are: 1. Recover from minor damages 2. Low maintenance cost 3. Adjustable to the environment

What are some advantages and disadvantages of using a medical robot?

Is That Most People Think Its Safer To Take Advantage Of robots But really It Not So You gotta Be Carefull in What You Do.!!(:

Advantages of space robots?

The main advantage of having robots in space is that it does not put human life at risk. Another advantage is the fact that robots can be designed to for work in harsh environments.

What are some advantages of using robots?

Loss prevention -like human life- Bomb squads throughout America use camera-wielding robots to find bombs in evacuated buildings. If they accidentally detonate the bomb, only the robot is lost -no human life lost.

Why do humans need robots?

Doing repetitive work can cause many mistakes. Using robots reduces that.

What are the Advantages of robots in car companies?

They wont have to work as hard and they would get built faster.

How long have you been using robots?

about 50 years

What are the advantages and disadvantages of military robots?

everything they kill other people like harry pavvit

What are the advantages of using ict for a leaflet?

advantages of using ICT

What do Painting Robots do?

They are programed to paint using specific motion

Which industries were pioneers in using robots in the production process?