What are the affects of smoking marijuana after a concussion?

I have a concussion right now. i waited a month after my accident to smoke marjuiana. After i had smoked it the next day i ened up haveing an attack but i do not think it was related to me smokeing because it did not happen untill late at night the next day. Only reason i said that is just so that ur aware of it. But i have smoked again recently and noting bad happend. My headache was gone and i felt great i procceeded in smokeing about 2.5-3 grams. all within a couple of hours not all at once. And nothing bad happend to me so from what i can tell i guess its not really a bad thing. But u must know that marijuana is a stimulative drug. And when u have concussion you cant Stimulate ur brain too much cause it will prolong the healing process and you will get a headache.