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What are the analogies for cell membrane?

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I think it can sometimes be referred to as plasma membrane and in plants they have a cell membrane and a cell wall (don't confuse the two)! Whoever just said that gave you the wrong answer. There is a nuclear membrane, and it's not very easy to get cell and nucleus membrane confused, so i suggest the person who first answered your question go back to second grade, because - sorry to break it to you, but - they're wrong. Please try not to take advice from them, because i can assure you, it will most likely not be valid. Now, what kind of analogy do you need? A city analogy? A country analogy? Whatever it is, let me know, and maybe i can find it for you. :)

2015-11-20 12:44:30
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Cell membrane analogies?

a gate-keeper

What are analogies for cell membrane?

the cell membrane is like the outside of a baseball. If you think about it. It can also be a gate guarding a factory compound.

What are analogies for cytoplasm in a plant cell?

what are some analogies for cytoplasm in a plant cell?

What are the analogies for cell membrane in a plant cell?

MY brother is very ugly. His name is Bob Big Beut. I kill yoou. Americans die. KaKa po po= Amerecain

What are some analogies for parts of a cell?

Some analogies for the parts of the cell will include the analogy of the office building. The walls of the building are the walls of the cell. The management of the building is the nucleus.

Where is the cell control center and the cell membrane?

where is the cell control membrane and the cell membrane

What are analogies for the nuclear membrane?

A bodyguard because the nuclear membrane protects the nucleus just like a bodyguard protects celebrities

Is the plasma membrane or cell membrane control what moves in and out of the cell?

The cell membrane controls what comes in and out of a cell. The cell membrane is the outer layer of a cell, it surrounds the cell.

What is the membrane surrouding the cell?

Cell membrane or plasma membrane surround the cell.

What are some analogies for mitochondria?

the "power house" of the cell

Describe the cell membrane?

CELL MEMBRANE: The cell membrane is a double -Layer structure that surrounds the cell.

What if the cell membrane was missing?

If the cell membrane was missing it cell membrane it would never had cell wall

Does a leaf cell have a cell membrane?

Yes, a leaf cell has a cell membrane. In fact any living cell has a cell membrane.

What is the membrane of a cell?

There are multiple membranes in a cell. Two of them are the cell membrane and the nucleur membrane.

How would you compare a plant cell to a school using analogies?

im guessing that you mean like this? nucleus-principal valcuole-storage/lockers mitochondrion-generator cell membrane-inside walls cell wall- outside wall lysosomes-trash cans

What is another name for a cell membrane?

A cell membrane is also known as a plasma membrane or cytoplasmic membrane. The cell membrane separates the interior of a cell from its outside environment. The main function of a cell membrane is to protect the cell from its surroundings.

Infer the functions of the cell membrane All cells have a cell membrane where do you think the cell membrane of a plant cell located?

the cell membrane is the outer part of the cell wall.

Cell membrane is to a cell as nuclear membrane is to?

Nucleus. Cell is bound by the cell membrane, and the nucleus is bound by nuclear envelope, or nuclear membrane.

What part of the cell is surrounded by a cell membrane?

All cells are surrounded by a cell membrane. A cell membrane can also be referred to as a plasma membrane.

Is a cell membrane in a plant cell?

Yes it has a cell membrane

How I can use cell membrane in a sentences?

cell membrane is the most outer part of a cell. cell membrane is very big in surface.

Which cell have cell membrane?

Every cells have a cell membrane. Sometimes, the cell membrane itself is also covered by a cell wall, but The cell membrane is still present in all cells.

Where is a cell membrane of a plant cell?

The cell membrane (plasma membrane) is inside the cell wall. You can sometimes see the cell membrane if you look carefully but its right under the cell wall

Difference between the cell membrane and nuclear membrane?

the cell membrane encloses the cell and the nuclear membrane encloses the nucleus

What is the membrane surrounding a cell?

The membrane surrounding a cell is called the cell membrane. It is also called the plasma membrane or the plasmalemma.