What are the answers for English rules 1 term 2 sheet 10?

Honestly I think you should work it out yourself but if you really need to know... here they are.

1. for

2. to

3. at

4. on

5. of

6. from

7. in

8. below

9. up

10. against

11. after

12. under

Trivia: Pride is one of how many deadly sins? 7

13. Underline: The perfume Circle: smelled

14. Underline: My brother and I Circle: like

15. Underline: Stephano Circle: makes

16. Underline: The tall models Circle: wore

17. Underline: He Circle: looked

18. Underline: Tom and Isabel Circle: walked

19. Underline: People all over the world Circle: copied

20. Underline: Super models Circle: appear

Word Ladders

ii. look, hook, hood, good

iii. face, lace, lice, life, lift

iv. see tell yay lit ends

v. 'can you crack the code?'

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

(take the last letter of each word and put it at the start)

I hope this helped you. :)