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There are too many rules to list in this venue. See the related link for a good resource on APA formatting.

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2010-02-08 15:17:22
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Q: What are the apa rules?
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APA's rule of thumb is?

There isn't a rule of thumb in APA format; there are too many rules.

Can you triple or quadruple space in apa format?

There are a lot of rules of reference list in APA citation. Among several of them the rules of spacing is really significant. In APA format the spacing should be double spaced. Triple or quadruple spacing will not be applicable.

How do you put a PowerPoint in APA format?

To put a PowerPoint in APA format, cite in text per the APA rules in the text of the PowerPoint and include a References page at the end of the PowerPoint presentation.

What are the rules for nine ball pool?

While there are local rules that may be different from league rules, the most common league rules in the US is by the American Poolplayer's Association (APA), and they do update their rules occasionally. So, use the link below to get the latest rule book from APA for 9 Ball in the US -

Where can you get a list of simple pool rules?

The American Poolplayer's Association (APA) is a good start. Only minor variations are typically found for local play - "House Rules" at a bar or such may have different "ball in hand" rules and rules regarding the 8 ball. See the link below to get the current APA rules -

Is apa style the same as hart's rules?

No, it is not. It is more like Chicago Style.

What line spacing for the reference on APA format?

There are a lot of common rules of Reference list in APA citation. However, the spacing should be double space.

What are general bar rules when playing pool at the bar?

In the US, most bars post their "House Rules" which usually are a modified version of the American Poolplayer's Association (APA) Rules. The House Rules typically modify ball-in-hand rules, calling of a shot, and hitting the 8 ball. The link to the APA Rules is provided in the link below - Some examples of difference by House Rules are: APA Rules require calling the pocket, but not the entire shot - House Rules often require calling combinations, caroms, and banks. APA Rules do not consider the 8 ball "neutral", so it cannot be used as the first ball hit - House Rules may allow hitting the 8 ball first in a combination shot. APA rules require that you hit the 8 ball when it is your last object ball on the table, and a ball must hit a rail or be pocketed, or it is a foul - House Rules can call failure to hit the 8 ball loss of game.

What are the apa rules for page margins?

Use 1 inch margins all around.

What does APA Citation format refer to?

The APA Citation format is a set of rules for using citations in research papers. It covers several different styles for different types of citations.

What are the rules for APA font style?

While writing paper in APA format style a lot of people do not abide by the rules for APA font style, however it is essential to write an outline. The font people ought to use is Times New Roman while the Arial font is suggested for image captions. It should be within 10-12 pixels.

What does APA citation style refer to?

APA Citation refers to writing rules codified by the American Psychological Association. With this system citations are placed within the paragraph rather than at the end.

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