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the approved chemical sanitizers

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Q: What are the approve chemical sanitizers?
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What is the approved chemical sanitizers?

There are three kinds of approved chemical sanitizers first: chlorine second:iodine and the last is quaternary ammunium

What areb the 3 approved chemical sanitizers?

The 3 approved Chemical Sanitizers are: 1. Chlorine 2. Iodine 3. Quaternary Ammonium

What chemical solution use to sanitizing area?

detergent and sanitizers........

The effectiveness of chemical sanitizers is not affected by?


What are sanitizers?

Sanitizers: Products that clean.

What type of chemicals does one need to maintain a pool and spa?

The types of chemicals needed to maintain a good balance in your pool or spa include chemical and non-chemical sanitizers, shocks, acids and alkalis, and total dissolved solids.

Do sanitizers contain dog drool?

No. Sanitizers can not contain any type of dog drool because it is made of bacteria from the mouth.

What do common sanitizers use?

Commercial hand sanitizers, such as Purell, use isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) as their active ingredient. However, there are also industrial sanitizers used to clean food production facilities and other sensitive areas. There are several classes of industrial sanitizers, including chlorine-based, quaternary ammonia-based, and acid-based.

Does bath and body works hand sanitizers actually help you?

Yes, Bath and Body hand sanitizers will actually help to sanitize your hands.

Why does hand soaps and sanitizers prevent the growth of bread mold?

Hand soaps and hand sanitizers prevent the growth of bread mold because bread mold is a bacteria and the PH level of soap and the alcohol in hand sanitizers can prevent the growth of the bread mold.

Do hand soaps and sanitizers prevent the growth of bread mold?

yes i have done it for a science project and so far there has been no progress.

Do hand sanitizers kill good germs?