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Skulls and sketelons all the way.

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Q: What are the artistic representations of death commonly associated with Day of the Dead?
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What materials of the earth are commonly associated with fossils?

Love and hugs... And death and bullets... And the color 4... And more bullets

What is Chlorofluorocarbons such as Freon commonly used for cleaning and refrigeration are associated with sudden death in confined spaces from what?

cardiac arrhythmia

What is a public symbol?

A public symbol in literature is one that holds a commonly known meaning. For example, a raven/crow is associated with death. A rainbow is associated with hope and promise, etc.

Can the name Scythe be connected to satanism?

Only slightly: The scythe is commonly associated with the personification of Death which could be considered Satanic.... kind of.

What animal is associated with death?

historically and religiosly, crows are an omen of death, but vultures are also associated with death

What was the feather the symbol that Egyptian use?

The feather generally represents truth and balance. It is most often associated with Ma'at, the goddess. Upon your death, your heart was weighed against a feather. Those who's hearts weighed less than the feather were granted passage to the afterlife. The feather itself is usually tipped down at the top under it's own weight in artistic representations. When in the context of written work, as shorthand, it is not.

What is the meaning of a black rose tattoo?

There many meanings that may be derived from a black rose tattoo. This is commonly associated with death, darkness, farewell and so on.

IS Putrefaction tissue death that is usually associated with a loss of circulation?

Infarction is tissue death usually associated with a loss of circulation.

What associated does hades have?

Death and wickedness

In Japan is the color white associated with death?

no, its associated to weddings

What bird is used in black magic cause death?

The Raven is associated with death.

Where is black death commonly found?

Black death isn't around anymore.

What is the leading cause of death associated with thunderstorms-?

One of the primary causes of death associated with thunderstorms, electrocute humans and livestock, and is the leading cause of farm fires.

Why do the skull and crossbones symbol have different shapes?

Just different artistic interpretations.They all signify death , or the contents of a thing may cause death.

Who is the king of death metal?

Chuck Schuldiner, commonly referred to as The Father of Death Metal

Is it red ring of death or red eye?

Ring of death most commonly used.

Who was the god of writing and scholars in Egypt?

Thoth was the god of wisdom, and often associated with the art of writing and the judgment of death. He is present at the weighing of the heart ceremony, recording the measurements of the scales. He is most commonly depicted with the head of an Ibis - an Egyptian bird with a long thin beak - and less commonly as a baboon.

Why are moths and butterflies associated with death?

the fly away

What are the major risks associated with depression?

mainly death

What are the dangers associated with a space shuttle takeoff?


What is the connotation of spring?

Spring is associated with life and regrowth after the death of winter

Is death metal associated with athiesm?

Not as far as I know, though depending on the band, it can be associated with satanism. Don't worry, not all death metal bands are Satanist!

What theater was associated with the Bataan Death March?

The Pacific Theater hosted the Bataan Death March.

Why are crows associated with death?

Crows are a carrion bird, their purpose in nature is to clean up dead animals. Crows were and still are a common sight on battlefields. When something is seen frequently in the proximity of death and the dead they become irrevocably associated with it. Hence, crows are associated with death.

What Viking mythology is associated with Freyja?

Freyja is associated with Love, Beauty, Fertility, Gold, Seior, War and Death!