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Q: What are the assumption in Beam on elastic foundation?
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What is an Elastic foundation?

An elastic foundation is a foundation that is not rigid and follows Hook's law. The implications of an analysis on an elastic foundation are that you can no longer assume zero deflection from at the base of loaded structures.

What has the author Svein E Weberg written?

Svein E. Weberg has written: 'Frequency analysis of a curved beam on elastic foundation' -- subject(s): Girders, Vibration

What is a raft beam?

The perimeter beam around the edge of a raft foundation.

What is elastic analysis in beams means?

Elastic Analysis of a beam is the primary state of the beam before it yields, or reaches its yield stress governed by the material properties. After the beam yields it goes into a second state of which is the beams plastic state, from then on the beam cannot revert back to original shape, it is permanently deformed.

What is the formula to figure out the reverse force on elastic support when put a beam 178 meter on 48 elastic support with distance from each support is equal and two end of beam is overhang?

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How do you find elastic center?

elastic center is that point of a beam in the plane of the section lying midway between the flexural center & the center of the twist of th

What is the strap beam?

A strap beam is a beam that connects two foundation footings toghether (needs structural study to see whether to put a STB or not)...

What is pt beam?

PT Beam is an initial for Post-Tensional beam. PT beams are slabs that are flat or ribbed and are normally used in construction of a building's foundation.

What is accounting assumption?

accounting assumptions provide a foundation for recording the transactions and preparing the financial statements there from.

One assumption shared by both Kantians and utilitarians is that?

rules and principles are the essential foundation for ethics.

What is a elastic coupled beam?

Two beams are said to be elastically coupled when central deflection in the lower beam (due to load on midspan) is equal to the central deflection on the upper beam plus the extension in suspension rod by which both are suspended

What assumption are made in theory of simple bending?

Assumptions The beam is symmetrical about Y-Y The traverse plane sections remain plane and normal to the longitudinal fibres after bending (Beroulli's assumption) The fixed relationship between stress and strain (Young's Modulus)for the beam material is the same for tension and compression ( σ= E.e )