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atomic bombs are just bad for radiations nd cleanup the mess after them

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Q: What are the bad things about the atomic bomb?
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Why was dropping the atomic bomb bad?

bc it was

What were some good and bad things about the atomic bomb technology wise?

the good things were. they tested out a neucleur wepeon and the bad things are killed loads of people the good things were. they tested out a neucleur wepeon and the bad things are killed loads of people

Why wasn't it good for albert Einstein to make the atomic bomb?

Einstein did not make the atomic bomb, so it was neither good nor bad.

How did Albert Einstein feel about the atomic bomb?

very bad

Why was using the atomic bomb a bad idea?

it killed some mens

Good things about the atomic bomb?

No one has used it recently.

Was the atomic bomb good and why?

Atomic bombs are tools and as tools they can not be either good or bad. What can be good or bad are the people using them and the uses they are put to.

What was Einstein's roll in the making of the atomic bomb?

He did a lot of things such as sign the document to begin construction of the bomb and other things such as doing the science and math for the bomb such as the equations.

Is Pakistani bomb is an Islamic bomb?

If you consider the US atomic bomb is a Christian bomb, the French atomic bomb is also Christian bomb and so on, then you can name the Pakistani atomic bomb an Islamic bomb.

Which is more powerful an atomic bomb or a nuclear bomb?

Both. An atomic bomb IS a nuclear bomb.

What are 2 things Einstein are notable for?

Pi and His involvement in the Atomic Bomb

How was an atomic bomb repaired?

how was the atomic bomb repaired

What is the difference between an atom bomb and an atomic bomb?

Atom bomb is a shorter version of Atomic bomb

What happen to the environment after the atomic Bomb?

After the atomic bomb, the environment was greatly destabilized. A high percentage of toxins was released into the atmosphere causing death to living things in the area.

New inventions in the Holocaust?

Atomic Bomb Atomic Bomb

What can the atomic bomb do?

The principle of the atomic bomb is the nuclear fission.

Who discoverd the atomic bomb?

The atomic bomb is an artefact, and so an invention. Maybe you meant to ask who invented the atomic bomb ?

When did Pakistan explode their first atomic bomb?

18th May1998, but its not atomic bomb (its nuclear bomb)

Was there another atomic bomb dropped after world war 2?

yes because after the war the amaricas haad droped a bomb but the bomb bad and didnt go off

What is another name for atom bombs?

Nuclear BombHydrogen BombA-bombH-bombAtomic bombAtomic warheadNuke

How did atomic theory lead to the atomic bomb discovery?

the atomic bomb was not discovered, it was invented then built.

Is there a timeline for the atomic bomb?

porket may atomic , bomb agad,

Did Thomas Edison build the atomic bomb?

he did not build the atomic bomb

Why Germany did not drop atomic bomb?

Germany never had an atomic bomb.

What is a radioactive atomic bomb?

any atomic bomb is radioactive, by definition