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What are the benefits of burning coals?

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One benefit of burning coal is that it is easy to burn. It is less expensive than some other fossil fuels and water that is heated by coal converts to steam and can generate electricity.

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How is coals energy collected?

Usually by burning it.

What causes burning pain in the foot?

Walking on hot coals

What is a metaphor for hate?

Hate is a pit of burning coals raging inside me

What is the main source of sulfur dioxide?

Volcanic eruptions and burning of sulfur containing coals.

What is anthracite?

Anthracite is a form of carbonized ancient plants, the hardest and cleanest-burning of all the coals.

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Where can one find jokes about burning feet by running across hot coals?

One can find jokes about burning feet by running across hot coals on sites like all jokes, pain jokes, million jokes and many more. One can also find jokes from joke books which one can find at retails stores.

Does coal burning have benefits?

Its Cheaper to burn and create energy.

Can people eat bat guano?

Um, they can, but they probably shouldn't. People can eat poisonous mushrooms, burning coals, and crocodile teeth, but it's not a good idea.

According to brutus how did portia die?

According to Brutus, Portia died from swallowing burning coals. William Shakespeare is believed to have written Julius Caesar in 1599.

What did the wise men do after seeing the baby Jesus?

threw burning hot coals over his body whilst eating a tasty KFC with their new nun friends

What is the benefit of anthracite?

it has more than twice the energy content of these other coals. Thus, it provides a longer burning potential and is, accordingly, a higher energy fuel.

What is coals minerals?

coals minerals illite clay, pyrite, quartz, and calcite.

When was Coals of Fire created?

Coals of Fire was created on 1915-01-27.

How does Burning of Fossil Fuel be a cause of Acid Precipitation?

It burns coals and woods to create gas ans I GUESS gas can break rock by a Chemical Reaction.. (I Guessed.)

Bible verse for feeding the hungry?

Romans 12:20 On the contrary: "If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head."

Will water boil in a plastic bag on hot coals with out melting the bag?

No, the bag will melt if too close or touching the hot coals. Answer I've never tried it with a plastic bag. However, I have seen a Paper bag filled with water sit on a fire without burning. I'm not sure if it was boiling or not. and it is hunter harris

What kind of coals are best to use when grilling?

The type of coals you use are up to you. Many people like coals that are "quick ignite" which means they don't require lighter fluid.

How much coal do the coal trucks in runescape hold?

Usually, it's 120 coals. If you are wearing the Seer's headband 1, it's 140 coals. With the Seer's headband 2, it's 168 coals. With the Seer's headband 3, it's 196 coals.

Why did they make the Electric Iron?

Because housewives finally got sick of owning twenty irons they had to set on their parlor stoves to heat, or using a pan or box full of burning coals.

What are the differences between coking coal and non-coking coal?

Coals as straight or in blend which on carbonization produce hard coke are known as coking coals. Depending upon coking capacity, coking coals are divided into prime or hard coking coal, medium or soft coking coals and weakly or semi-soft coking coals. The coking coals are classified based on CSN, LTGK coke type, gieseler fluidity, vitrinite contents, mean maximum reflectace of vitrinite etc. On the other hand, coals which on carbonization produce powery mass are known as non-coking coals. Coals having CSN 0-1 and LTGK coke type of A and B are non coking coals. Dr. Tamal Kanti Das DGM, RDCIS, SAIL, Ranchi, India

What is the difference between coking coal and caking coal?

Strongly caking coals, which yield a solid product (coke) with properties suitable for use in a blast furnace, are called coking coals. All coking coals are caking, but not all caking coals are suitable for coke making.

What are the benefits of HCG injections.?

The benefits of HCG injections include a reduced appetite and burning fat. They have helped a lot of people loose weight.

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Why are the coals hotter than the flame of a fire?

Because coals are less dense and requires a higher tempature to sustain incineration.

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