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There are many benefits. They grill your food quick, there are different kinds to use. Also it saves you cleaning an oven after cooking which means it saves time!

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Q: What are the benefits of choosing a George Foreman BBQ grill?
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When was George Foreman Grill created?

George Foreman Grill was created in 1994.

How is a George Foreman grill different from other indoor grills?

The George Foreman does not have any tangible benefits over other options. It is a good quality and comes at a good price.

Where can one find George Foreman Grill recipes?

One can find George Foreman Grill recipes in online recipe providing websites. For example, food dot com is a website that provides George Foreman Grill recipes.

Can you cook haddock on a George Foreman?

Cooking Haddock on a Foreman Grill

When was the George Foreman grill invented?


Where could a george foreman grill be purchased?

A George Foreman grill can be purchased from many retailers such as: Walmart, Target, Sears, Walgreens. A George Foreman grill can also be purchased from many online retailers (eg. Amazon, Buy or Best buy).

How long to grill tilapia fillets on a George Foreman grill?


When did the George Foreman grill start?

It was introduced in 1994.

Swordfish on foreman grill?

You can indeed put swordfish on a George Foreman grill. You simply need to cut the fish up and place it on the grill with your favorite seasonings.

Where can you buy spare parts for geore foreman sandwich grill?

Spare parts for your George Foreman grill can be purchased on-line at

What household appliance can be used to grill meat?

I have a George Foreman Grill that can be used to grill meat inside. George Foreman has made many indoor grills. There are likely other similar grills as well.

Why is your George Foreman grill clicking?

The clicking sound from the George Foreman is from the selected temperature that was selected. It is a normal sound for the appliance.

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