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Home schooling can be a good and bad thing. It is good because your child will be less likely to get involved in drugs, sex, or other illegal things. Yet, this might shelter your child from people and have it harder for them to move out and on their own. I believe high school is a necessity to kids to prepare them for future life and give them better people skills. Home schooling can also be good for a child who needs a fresh new start or needs to get away from a label given to them from others. It has it's ups and downs and you just need to do what you think is right for them.

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I believe homeschooling is generally positive, as my children are often around other homeschoolers, and do not miss out on traditional activities.

Here are ten reasons to homeschool:

10: Being with your kids all day instead of the state-paid babysitter.

9. Being certain your child understands all grade appropriate goals.

8. Overseeing your child's moral education.

7. Taking vacations any time of year.

6. Taking vacations and field trips when there is no crowd (since the other kids are in school.)

5. Saving money on school clothes.

4. Reduced peer pressure.

3. The kids stay innocent longer because they are shielded from negative outside influences.

2. Learning information that is not part of a normal curriculum like computer programming or art.

1. Teaching your kids "life skills" all day.

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Q: What are the benefits of homeschooling?
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is there any homeschooling that is not online

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Homeschooling is free! But you have to buy the supplies you need.

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