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What are the best books for hockey fans?


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2011-06-22 16:05:26
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Hockey For Dummies. If you are a new fan or just want to be more familiar with hockey history, I suggest Mr. Stan Fischler's book, Hockey Chronicles.


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Pakistan is the best hockey team in the world and has more fans. My mom and dad are both international hockey players. This is beneficial because many fans come to our house. My mom is the captain of the team and is classified as "the mother of hockey."

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Bajen Fans Hockey was created in 2008.

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Yah Right lol There are way more footballfans then hockey fans

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AnswerThis answer can be very biased depending on which team or type of hockey you like.However, best on best hockey such as the Canada Cups and the Olympics are considered by most fans to provide the best hockey. And of course there are always individual games in any league which are very exciting.

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