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The best car insurance companies to go with are not local companies but national companies. I would do a rate comparison on the Progressive insurance website.

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AAA Calstate Insurance never did me wrong plus they got a bunch of deals happening right now

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Q: What are the best car insurance companies in PA?
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Where can a person from PA find a listing of car insurance companies?

A person from PA can find a listing of car insurance companies from a website called LibertyMutual. You can also find a listing of car insurance companies at Esurance.

What is a good local car insurance dealer in PA?

Local insurance companies range from: State Farm, Nation Wide, Direct Car Insurance, Infinity Car Insurance, and Progressive. Not on the top ten car insurance companies but they are affordable.

what is the best way to get temporary car insurance in PA?

You may get the temporary car insurance online and there are even many agencies and companies which do only these kinds of work they will definitely help you ...

Where do I get cheap car insurance in PA?

A good starting point is to use the DMV homepage . It allows you to compare the car insurance policies. These companies are given by zip codes and you can compare the policies offered by the car insurance companies.

Which companies offer the lowest rates on PA car insurance?

It can vary based on need try looking at

What are some companies in PA that offer car insurance?

Companies in Pennsylvania that offer car insurance are Allstate, Esurance, as well as IFA auto insurance. Other companies in the state of Pennsylvania include 1st Choice Auto Insurance Company and Zurich American Insurance Company.

How does one get PA gap car insurance in this state?

Look at your local insurance companies. Ask them if they offer gap car insurance. All states will have certain coverage included. You just need to ask.

What companies sell car insurance in PA?

Insurers like Geico, DMV, Safe Auto, eSurance, All State, Liberty Mutual, The General, Progressive, State Farm, Titan and IFA sell car insurance in Pennsylvania (PA).

Where do I get classic car insurance in PA?

Try looking for an insurance company that specializes in providing car insurance for classic or collectible vehicles. They will be able to insure your vehicle and give you the best quotes for insurance.

Whar company will give me the best automobile insurance quote in Pa. for an exotic sports car?

Insurance on an exotic sports car can be pricey. I would suggest getting your insurance from Statefarm.

What are the names of two companies that a person living in Philadelphia PA could get a quote for auto insurance?

There are many companies that offer quotes for auto insurance in Philadelphia, PA. Liberty Mutual and Progressive are the two companies one can request an auto insurance quote from.

What happens if your car gets inpounded for no insurance no registration and no inspection in pa?

You will have to pay fines if your car gets impounded for no insurance, registration, and inspection in PA. You will have to registration before the car is released.

If you have no US state drivers license which car insurance companies will take an international license and give you the best rates?

It is relevant to what state you reside. The original question said NJ We lived in PA for 4 years and my husband got his insurance through a broker.

Where can I find good car insurance in PA?

Car insurance for Pennsylvania drivers can be purchased through a local insurance agent. Online agencies can also offer car insurance at a discount rate.

If you have a PA permit and live at home do you need to have insurance?

You don't need insurance, but the car that you drive does.

Where can I find good auto insurance for pa?

There are a number of good and reputable auto insurance companies in Pennsylvania (Radnor Township or Scranton Car Insurance) that have an acceptable business rating and offer reasonable rates as well as comprehensive coverage. A detailed list of car insurance companies, auto-financing articles, instant quotes, and different factors that determine policy costs are readily available at the following websites: 1) 2) 3)

Where can a zombie find auto insurance in PA?

Zombies can find auto insurance in Pennsylvania from any company that offers insurance, because insurance companies can't discriminate. Such insurance companies include Geico, Progressive, and Liberty Mutual.

Where can one find insurance in PA?

There are lots of places where someone can find insurance in Pennsylvania. One of the places is Zander Insurance. They shop around all the leading insurance companies, and will find the best rate for you. They can be contacted at 800-356-4282.

What insurance companies in pa will write with trampolines?

Chubb & Safeco. Must be in a fenced yar.

How long after a DUI conviction do insurance companies find out in PA?

Most insurance companies find out about DUIs and other tickets when they pull your driving record when your policy renews.

How do to get car insurance in PA?

Just call any local insurance agent and they can walk you through the process.

What car insurance company uses a policy number starting with PA?

Discovery Insurance starts with PAN1234567.

In Pennsylvania can you immediately cancel your car insurance if the car is repossessed?

if you don't plan on getting it back that is what to do. but most insurers in pa are notifying pa that you canceled insurance ant they suspend your plate for 90 days.

Is there a website that offers the best quotes for auto insurance for the state of Pa?

Geico offers great rates for auto insurance for the state of Pa

How much will car insurance go up for a speeding ticket for 18 year old in PA with USAA insurance just a general idea?

Several "standard" insurance companies like Nationwide don't count the first violation unless its 15mph over. Otherwise you can expect 15% or so. PA Agent K