What are the best cars in need for speed shift?

Updated: 10/5/2023
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the cars i have are the Lamborghini lp-640 with the works applied, Chevy corvette Z06 with works and many others.Those are the really good ones. Always get the cars with works on them, some cars that put works on them may be very helpful or just can suck.....But if ur looking for tier 4 cars, i suggest the Pagani Zonda R, really good but costs 1,200,000 dollars.

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if you mean shift 2 it is the zonda cinque roadster reward but for the first i may be gt3 rsr but i never completed either sorry

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Q: What are the best cars in need for speed shift?
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How do you get the classic cars in need for speed shift?

besjan the best

Which is the best android game need for speed shift or need for speed hot pursuit?

The best Android game between Need for Speed Shift(ShiftNFS) and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is Need for Speed Shift.

How do you buy racing cars in need for speed shift?

just buy racing cars:- but where form they are not in any of the car shop things?

Does need for speed shift have ferraris?

Need for speed does not have shift have Ferraris

Is there free drive in Need for Speed Shift?

There is no free drive in Need for Speed Shift.

Where Can You Find Need For Speed Shift?

You can get need for speed shift at walmart & game stop.

What is the best car on Need For Speed shift PS3?

Bugatti Veyron [get from playstation store]

Does need for speed shift have multilayer?

yes, neeed for speed shift probly has the best multieplayer exprience in the whole sires. much better then the forza's i would say.

How do you win cars on need for speed shift?

once u win certain races u win a car but wat i want is how do u get them

What Need for Speed game is the best?

Need For Speed Underground 2 is the best. The mods are the best, the races are great, the cars are the best and speaking of the cars, it's the only game in he series where you can race in SUVs! Even the later games don't have SUVs! Need For Speed Carbon is the 2nd-best. It has the 2nd-best mods the races are the best and the cars are great and they are orginised in Turners, Muscles and Exotics. The speed is ferocious. The 3rd-best is Need For Speed Most Wanted. The mods are SO bad they belong in horror movie! The racing is challenging so you get to show off some skill. Its got a great selection of cars too. The newer Need For Speeds aren't that great but they have awesome graphics.

What is the best car on need for speed underground rivals?

I have two best cars in Need For Speed: Underground Rivals.1) Shevrolette Corvette Z06or2)1997 Ford Mustang GT.

How many cars are there in need for speed carbon?

Need for speed Carbon for Nintendo DS has 15 cars.