What are the biggest parades in the US?

The Tournament of Roses Parade held every New Year's in Pasadena is the number one parade in television viewership around the world, in live attendance, in prestige, uniqueness and economic windfall for the presenters, city and surrounding area. It also has the longest "waiting list" for entries and the list list of Grand Marshalls outranks any other parade. The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade (not Christmas) is a regional parade to promote the Christmas sales season, way too commercial a venture.

Every year tens of thousands of persons from around the globe travel to Pasadena to view the parade and its pre-parade activities in Pasadena as well as the post parade up close viewing in Victory Park.

The West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn, New York, held annually on Labor Day, is the largest parade in the US. Estimated public attendance is between 1-4 million people each year!

The St. Patrick's Day parade in NYC with 150,000 marchers and over 2 million viewers in attendance is the largest parade in the United States.

The annual BUD BILLIKEN DAY PARADE held the second Saturday of August in Chicago, IL with well over 150,000 marching units, bands, majorettes and floats in the parade is probable the largest Parade in the USA. Although not as prestigious as the "Rose Bowl Parade" it is certainly one of the oldest dating back to 1929.

If you want to get technical, the Tacoma/Puyallup/Sumner/Orting Daffodil Parade goes on all day and is 26.5 miles long. Those other parades have more people but the daffodil parade goes for a longer distance. If you want to REALLY get technical, the Daffodil parade is 4 parades. There are 4 different start times which in itself proves that it is not a single parade. Currently, the longest parade route of a single parade is the Anna Maria Island 4th of July Parade which runs the entire 7.5 mile length of Anna Maria Island in Florida.