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Many believe that kangaroos are more environmentally friendly livestock than sheep or cattle. Kangaroos live free and wild, and therefore, eat native vegetation, which means nothing else is harmed in order to feed them.

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What is made up of biotic and abiotic features?

Environmental Factors are made of biotic and abiotic features.

1 What is the difference between the biotic community and the abiotic environmental factors of an ecosystem?

abiotic starts with a a and biotic does not

What biotic and abiotic factors affect a dogs survival?

biotic: predators preys over population abiotic the weather conditions the environmental factors

The ability of an organism to withstand fluctuations in biotic and abiotic environmental factors?


What are the major abiotic and biotic factors of the kangaroo rat?

For abiotic, weather which can either help the kangaroo rat survive or damage its habitat. For Biotic, plants and humans; plants providing food and humans destroying habitats.

Is moisture a biotic factor?

Yes,moisture is a biotic factor. Biotic factors are those which effect the living organisms in the environment.They are natural & environmental factors & moisture is one of them.As it effects the surrounding environment & climate/temperature.

What are the biotic and abiotic factors of a marsh?

Biotic FactorsBiotic, meaning of or related to life, are living factors. Plants, animals, fungi, protist and bacteria are all biotic or living factors.Abiotic FactorsAbiotic, meaning not alive, are nonliving factors that affect living organisms. Environmental factors such habitat (pond, lake, ocean, desert, mountain) or weather such as temperature, cloud cover, rain, snow, hurricanes, etc. are abiotic factors.

Does a community have biotic and a biotic factors?

No, a community is all the biotic factors in an ecosystem.

Is human abiotic or biotic?

Biotic factors are living factors, so humans are biotic factors in the environment.

What are living factors in the environment called?

Biotic factors

Are producers abiotic factors or biotic factors?

Producers are biotic factors

Biotic factors chaparral?

biotic factors of a chaparral

How are abiotic factors affected by biotic factors?

Abiotic factors are not affected by biotic factors.

What is a biotic factor and biotic factors?

the biotic factors are anything that is alive, plants people

Does commensalism involves abiotic or biotic factors?

biotic factors

Does mutualism involve abiotic or biotic factors?

biotic factors

Are roses biotic or abiotic factors?

Roses are biotic factors

Is there presence of biotic factors on Jupiter?

No there are no biotic factors on Jupiter.

Can you define biotic and a biotic factor?

the answer between biotic factors and abiotic factor is that biotic factors are living things while abiotic factors were never alive.

Give examples of some of the environmental factors affecting health?

Environmental factor or ecological factor or ecofactor is any factor, abiotic or biotic, that influences living organisms

What ar biotic factors?

Biotic factors are factors that are living. These biotic factors impact organisms and help to shape the many different ecosystems on Earth.

whats Biotic and Abiotic Factors?

Abiotic factors are nonliving things in an enviroment, Biotic factors are living things in an enviro.

Why are abiotic factors important for the survival of the biotic factors in an ecosystem?

abiotic factors are important for the survival of biotic factors in an ecosystem because without the existence of these abiotic factors, the biotic factors will not survive. if one of these factors were change, the biotic factors will be destroyed. biotic factors are animals, trees, bacteria etc., and the abiotic factors are water, air, sun, and rocks.

Are biotic factors living?

Biotic - Living factors Abiotic - Non-living factors

Are algae abiotic factors or biotic factors?

All living things are biotic factors.

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