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see link below for information

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How do you take care of a chocolate chip starfish?

Well the choc chip starfish is very rare so I don't really know

Do chocolate chip starfish have eyes?

why yes they do. they are made of orange jelly ---- No, they have eye spot

Are there starfish in the Galapagos island?

Yes, there are many types of starfish in the Galapagos Islands. One is even appropriately called "The Chocolate Chip" starfish, because of it´s brown dots.

Will an Elephant ear sponge go good with a Chocolate chip starfish in a 20 gallon tank?

No, Starfish aren't supposed to be in a reef aquarium AT ALL especially in a nano aquarium such as in your case.

How does a chocolate chip get the name chip?

It is in the small shape of a "chip". Therefore its a chocolate chip.

Do starfish sting?

it denpends wat type but if it is comon like the chocolate chip star fish it probably doesn't check first

Where does the name chocolate chip cookies come from?

Chocolate chip cookies are called chocolate chip cookies because they are cookies with chocolate chips in them.

What is a chocolate chip cookie?

A chocolate chip cookie is a regular cookie, but with small pieces of chocolate in it!(chocolate chip cookies are really good if they are warm, and dipped in chocolate)

What was the first chocolate chip cookie called?

chocolate chip

What are facts about the first chocolate chip cookie?

the first chocolate chip cookie was an accedent!!! the first chocolate chip cookie was an accedent!!!

What are some predictions about chocolate chip cookies?

Once detected, chocolate chip cookies tend to vanish rather quickly.I haven't yet met a chocolate chip cookie that I didn't like.There is nothing to fear but other chocolate chip cookie eaters.To hunt the chocolate chip cookie, you must becomethe chocolate chip cookie.

How many more people chose chocolate chip than oatmeal?

80% choose chocolate chip personally i love chocolate chip :)

How many kilojoules are in a chocolate chip cookie?

there is no kilojoules in chocolate chip cookie.

What do chocolate chip starfish eat?

they eat small fish and any unwary small victim. they also can expand their stomachs to digest food. They are carnivorous scavengers

Are chocolate chip cookies healthy or not?

yes chocolate chip cookies are healthy...because...Chocolate is considered a vegetable!!!!!!

How rocks and chocolate chip like?

they made out of liqud chocolate chip is made of chocolate and a rock is made of lava

What is the ingredients in a chocolate chip?

Yellow cake mix, butter, eggs and chocolate chip

Should you eat a chocolate chip cookie or a sugar cookie?

chocolate chip cookie

How tall is the average chocolate chip?

I think the average chocolate chip is half an inch.

Are chocolate chip cookies from England?

Chocolate chip cookies are produced in many nations.

How many carbs are in a chocolate chip cookie?

There are 48 carbs in a chocolate chip cookie

What are the best muffins?

chocolate:) No actually it's banana nut (nut are walnuts) chocolate chip (white chocolate chip).

Does the chocolate chip starfish have any adaptations for survival?

Yes This strangely coloured and patterned star fish does have adaptations for survival. Including the camouflage effect of the colour and pattern.

What kind of chocolate is generally used in chocolate chip cookies?

Most chocolate chip cookie recipes call for semi-sweet chocolate chips.

How much grams does 1 chocolate chip weigh?

well it depends on how big the chocolate chip is

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