What are the candyland characters names?

According to WikiPedia:

  • The Kids
  • The Gingerbread People
  • Mr. Mint
  • Duke of Swirl
  • Gramma Nutt (renamed 'Gramma Gooey' after 2010 edition)
  • King Kandy
  • Jolly (taken out of the 2010 version)
  • Plumpy (taken out of the 2002 version)
  • Mamma Ginger Tree (replaces Plumpy)
  • Princess Lolly (renamed 'Lolly' after 2002 edition)
  • Queen Frostine (renamed 'Princess Frostine' after 2002 edition)
  • Lord Licorice
  • Gloppy the Molasses Monster (renamed Gloppy the Chocolate Monster)

(Characters depend on the version of the game)