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What are carnivores in the taiga biome?

Carnivores in the Taiga biome are arctic foxes, lynx', long-eared owls, wolves, eagles, and other animals that live in the Taiga that only eat meat! Did it help?

What are some carnivores of the taiga?

The main predator in the taiga is the Wolverine. There are also wolves there as well.

What are some carnivores in the taiga?

lynx, long eared owl, artic fox

What are the carnivores and herbivores in the taiga are?

a carnivore can be a fox,coyote, or bear. Herbivore can be a moose, squirrel, and birds

What are carnivores in taiga?

Hawk, Bald Eagle, Snake, Bobcat, Arctic Wolf..... To name a few

What are some carnivore in Taiga?

Common carnivores are wolves,bears,lynx(wild cat),sable, and ermines.

What are some carnivores in a taiga?

Lynx, Marten, Wolverine, Brown Bear, Arctic Wolf, Arctic Fox, Ermine, and short-tailed Weasel.

What Kind Of Carnivores live in the taiga?

well there is a splooge guzzling tryseratops, The nipple squazzling carpet monkey and the unfriended disliked gutterhomed wombat.

What are taiga parasites?

Taiga is a biome so i am guessing that it is a parasite that lives in Taiga

What is the biggest taiga?

The Siberian Taiga is the largest Taiga in the world. It is located in Russia.

What nonliving thing do you see in taiga?

want are the things in the taiga that are nonliving in the taiga

What animals in the taiga?

What animals are in the taiga?

Characteristics of taiga?

characteristics of taiga

What are the extinct plants in the taiga?

What is taiga?

What are Specific names of Taiga biomes?

The one type of taiga that I know of is the Siberian Taiga

What is the smallest taiga in the world?

the smallest taiga in the world is american taiga 7,500 km

Are there bobcats in the taiga?

Bobcats live in the taiga.

Where is hannah montanna's hair?

in taiga in taiga

Are there sharks in the taiga?

yes sharks are in the taiga

What is taiga Niche?

are there niches in the taiga forest

Is Alaska a taiga?

Yes Alaska is a Taiga.

What is the elevation for the taiga forest?

It depends on where the taiga is.

How do you help the taiga?

what can you do to help save the taiga and its organisms??

Are there cougars in taiga?

Yes, there are cougars in the taiga biome.

Which is farther north-tundra or taiga?