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What are the categoraisation of math?


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August 09, 2008 11:41AM

Math can be categorized in several ways. Broadly

1) Historic Categorization

2) Methodological Categorization

3) Application Oriented categorization etc.

1) Historically, different epochs were exposed to different advancements in the Mathematical Sciences. The acceptance of of the Zero moved the real world to the whole numbers, the abstraction provided by 'Arabic Numeral System' called Al-Jebra moved the system to set theories etc.

2) Methodological approaches to categorization provided different methodologies to determine the unique result

3) Applications like determining the 'Heat flow equations' to calculate the design of Cannons in France by Napoleon's scientists and engineers using the infamous Laplace and Fourier transforms have been modified to drive algorithms in modern medical and engineering mathematics, called the Fast Fourier Transform FFT. Imagine an equation that was developed to determine Heat flow in a cannon in Napoleon's Army now drives your 'Frequency-Bar-graph indicators on your higi music systems.