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That would be a periapical abscess. The tooth it is associated with is dead, you should have a root canal or extraction a.s.a.p. Waiting too long will allow the recurrent infection to break down the bone supporting the tooth and the long term prognosis of a root canal will be diminished. Having a long standing recurrent infection can also cause numerous other systemic problems and risk blood sepsis if the infection is released into the blood stream. Go to your Dentist, get an X-ray.

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Q: What are the causes of a lump on the gum that sometimes lets out pus?
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What would cause a lump in the gum after wisdom teeth removal?

If you have a lump in your gum after you have had your wisdom teeth removed, it could just be swelling. If the lump does not go away, you should seek advice of your dentist.

What is a hard lump on the wall of your gum?

A hard lump on the wall of your gum can be a gum abscess. It could also be a non-cancerous growth due to an irritation. Any lumps found on the gum or mouth should be seen by a dentist or your doctor.

What vitamin cause bleeding gum?

no vitamin causes bleed gum it is the deficiency sign that causes bleeding gum..

What is a lump in the top gum area of your mouth just behind one of your teeth It appeared 3 days ago is not very hard and causes your teeth in that area as well as the lump to hurt Any ideas?

mayba a cankersore, but im not sure

White lump growing in your gum what is it?

It's something you need to see your dentist about.

I is gum adicting?


Is it normal to have a small hard lump on the gum after a tooth is removed?

What causes this depends on how long it is since the tooth was removed. Sometimes the dentist leaves behind a small piece of the tooth enamel. This will slowly work its way out, and will be felt as a lump under the surface of the gum. It will eventually come out completely (usually within 3 or 4 months) and this is usually pretty much painless. Another possibility is scar tissue. But if the tooth has been gone more than 4 months, have a check up.

Lump under the gum of an abcessed tooth it doesn't hurt but it comes and goes?

A lump that is under the gum of an abscessed tooth is likely to be an infection. It is necessary to see a dentist who can determine the best course of treatment and prevent further damage.

What causes pyrea?

Pyrea or periodontitis, is the severe form of gum disease. It is caused by poor oral hygiene, smoking and sometimes by pregnancy.

Does gum make you burp?

No, nothing in the gum or what is emitted from it causes you to burp.

Does chewing gum whilst smoking cause cancer?

No. Smoking causes cancer. Gum causes tooth decay if sugared.

Does chewing gum help in school?

sometimes and sometimes not depends

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