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Simple answer; energy. It takes energy to cause anything, including your breathing right now. Energy is used to put something in motion, which ALWAYS causes something else to be in motion, even if it is the air around the item being put in motion.

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What causes the motion of planets?

Applied force to an object causes motion.

a pulling motion causes a normal fault

Applied force causes a change in motion. The change of motion can be from stationary to motion or a change of speed or acceleration.

what causes the motion of objects

Inertia is an action that can cause motion.

Inertia is the tendency of an object to resist a change in its motion.

energy causes motion wich causes change in the matter

Force causes acceleration. Acceleration is a change of speed or direction of motion.No force is necessary to maintain constant speed in a straight line. So you'd haveto say that force causes changes in motion.

One thing that causes the greatest increase of motion of molecules is an increase in temperature.

Force causes cahge in motion, f=ma.

A balanced force will NOT cause a change in motion.

Forces cause motion or the change in motion.

It has to do with the balance in your head.

There are several kinds of molecular motion. Thermal energy is one main cause of molecular motion.

Kinematics is the study of motion without regard to its causes where as kinetics is the study of the causes of motion; primarily concerned with forces.

give atleast 5 major causes of accidents and its law (s) of motion

an aplied force will change the motion of an object.Such as a thrust ,or an impact

It's caused by wind going in circular motion.

The description of motion is kinematics; the study of the causes of motion (interaction between forces and motion) is called dynamics.

One must apply an acceleration to change the state of motion of a mass

An applied force will change the motion of an object. Such as a thrust, or an impact.

An unbalanced force causes motion. This occurs when the net force does not equal zero.

A force acting on the body, along its line of motion.