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Q: What are the chances US going to War with North Korea?
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Where is north Korea vs US war going to be?

The war between the US and N. Korea has never officially ended, at the same time there was no official decloration of war either. chances are if there is a second Korean war it would involve the nuclear bombing of S. korea, also it would most likely take place in S. and N. Korea. just the same as the first war The fact that North Korea has missiles is a very serious 'wild card'. Past behaviour has shown how crazy and illogical the North can be. It would most likely involve the South, but could be so much more than that.

Did the US declare war on North Korea?

No.Lamyis right the USA didn't Declare war on North Korea. North Korea declared war on the USA.

What will happen if n Korea go war agiants china?

China would crush North Korea in less than a day.

What if the North Korea and South Korea go into war?

China would assist North Korea in tbe war

Was north Korea in World war 1?

North Korea was not in WWI

Where was Korea divided after the war?

south Korea and north Korea

Does North Korea have any probable chances of defeating the US in the case of war?

North Korea cannot possibly defeat the US in case of war. They can, however, do great harm to South Korea. I expect that if North Korea attacks the US directly rather than just attacking US troops which are already in South Korea, there would be an overwhelming retaliation. Remember that during the Cold War era, the US was prepared to go to war with the entire Soviet bloc, which was roughly half the world. The US has vastly more military power than it would need to deal with North Korea.

Who was Korean War against?

The Korean War was due to the Invasion of South Korea by North Korea. Later in this war, the Chinese came to the aid of North Korea.

What was the reason behind tensions in Korea?

The reason behind the tension is because of the fact that North Korea and South Korea are on the brink of a war. America was going to help and fight for South Korea but then the Afghan war started, so they have their hands full unfortunately. North Korea however have China on their side. Hopefully this answer helps you a little.

What war was caused when north Korea invaded south Korea?

The Korean war.

Was North Korea in World War 2?

No. North Korea did not exist prior to the end of World War II.

Was North Korea involved in World War 1?

No. North Korea did not exist until after World War 2.