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virually guaranteed... but if you handle the young, she may well eat them... just like rabbit mother will, if you handle theie young in the first few days of life... suggest you put out the trap, and return to collect dead mother, and kill remaining young, and dispose of i the garbage.

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Does a mouse feed young with milk?

Yes. A mouse is a mammal. All mammals feed their young on milk.

Do mice eat other mice?

Yes, they can. Mother mice will sometimes eat their young if they think their young don't have much chance a survival (if the young are sick), if they a disturbed and think they are at risk or just because it's the mother's first litter and she gets carried away. Also, if a mouse dies, another mouse may eat it for the sake of cleanliness. Mice don't tend to kill other mice to eat them.

Is The Original Katherine Chancellor Returning to the Young and The restless?


What is the young one of a mouse?


What a young one of mouse is called?


Does the mother mouse suckle her young?

yes she does

What is mouse young one called?

they can be called several things such as pups, pinkies or kittens but i guess you could call a young mouse a baby mice

Will a mouse nurse a baby mouse that is not her own?

Yes, a mouse will nurse young from another mother if the other mother is removed or deceased

What is a mouse reptile or mammal?

A mouse is a mammal. It bears live young and feeds them on mothers' milk.

What does the mother mouse feed their young?

milk from their breasts

Who is a nastia mouse?

Gorgeous young Russian model

Why did the lion let the mouse go in the story ''The Lion and the Mouse''?

Because it was too young to die

What is the life cycle of a mouse?

starts out as a little pink thing with no hair then starts to grow and grown hair. and becomes a young mouse then a mouse adult

Can a young female mouse have babies?

Yes. A female mouse reaches sexual maturity at about 35 days.

Is a mouse a reptile?

No a mouse is not a reptile. The mouse is a mammal as it clearly gives birth to live young and does not lay eggs. But you can keep a mouse in a reptile or fish tank and they will live perfectly fine. Hope it helped! :)

What do young wild mice eat I found a young injured wild mouse What does it eat and how do I feed it?

There are many things you could feed a wild mouse. You could feed it alfalfa and see if it will eat it.

How many babies do mice have at a time?

The average mouse litter is 4-12 young. A mouse can have 4-6 litters a year.

What breed of mouse is Mr Jingles from The green mile?

is a young rat

What is the lifecycle of a mouse?

Born alive with no fur. Grows, bears young, dies

What animal gives birth to the largest young?

The Blue Whale. or a peewee mouse

Does a mouse lay eggs?

No, mice are mammals. They give birth to live young.

What is a mices life cycle?

starts out as a little pink thing with no hair then starts to grow and grown hair. and becomes a young mouse then a mouse adult

Characteristics of a field mouse is most likely inherited from its parents?

The characteristics of a field mouse are definitely inherited from its parents. A young mouse will gain all of its characteristics from it's parents because they are a product of their parents.

What chances should be given to help young people to pursue and fulfill their dreams?

a whale

How many mice are born to one female per year?

The average mouse litter is 4-8 young. A mouse can have 4-6 litters a year.