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What role do the following play in educating the public against the spread of the HIV Virus the government the church the home

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Q: What are the chances of getting HIV from pre-ejaculate?
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Does smoking increase your chances of getting HIV?

Having unprotected sex increases your chances of getting HIV. Smoking does not.

What are the chances of getting HIV if a tooth piece pricks you from an HIV infected person?

Chances are low to be infected with HIV in this manner.

Can you get HIV even if he never ejaculated in you?

Yes. There is also preejaculate and other fluids.

Can HIV be trasmitted by genital lubrication?

Yes, HIV can be transmitted by vaginal lubrication/vaginal fluids as well as preejaculate.

Are the chances smaller for getting HIV for a women if the man pulls out?


What are the chances of getting HIV when circumcised?

The same as someone uncircumcised

What are the Chances of getting HIV from a one night stand?

one in five

What are chances of a woman getting HIV if husband is HIV positive?

Pretty good especially if she is having unprotected sex with him.

Can you get HIV from getting your penis licked?

It is not likely to get HIV this way. Chances will increase if the person has a cut in their mouth or their gums are bleeding (blood is a carrier of HIV).

What are chances of a woman getting HIV from a military man?

A woman is just as likely to get HIV from a military man as she is to get it from someone who is not in the armed forces.

What are the chances that a wife gets HIV from her HIV positive husband?

Chances are pretty good.

What are the chances of getting hiv if the woman is on her period and no condom is used?

The chances of becomming infected with the HIV virus are always highest when no condom is used. Whether or not the woman has her period is less of an issue. However, bear in mind that the HIV virus is found in high concentrations in the reproductive areas.

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