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What are the chances of getting a dry socket after wisdom teeth extraction if you smoke?

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Smokers have a raised chance of dry socket. Dry socket is an extremely painful condition, one to avoid. In simple terms, smoking makes the socket less able to heal, and vulnerable to infection. Avoid smoking completely after the procedure if possible (consider buying a nicotine patch), and your chances of dry socket will be reduced. So in summary, the chances are lowest for non smokers, and highest for a heavy smoker who smokes after the surgery! I hope this is helpful. Dr N. Manning.

2007-10-24 04:17:24
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Q: What are the chances of getting a dry socket after wisdom teeth extraction if you smoke?
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White and hard substance in the socket after wisdom extraction?

The white, hard substance in the socket after a wisdom tooth extraction is part of the healing process. As the gum heals, a white film will cover the hole.

How soon is it safe not to have a dry socket after wisdom tooth extraction?

Dry socket typically manifests itself within the first 3-5 days after tooth extraction. No smoking/sucking/spitting and restful activities will dramatically reduce the chances of developing pain.

What are the chances of getting a dry socket from smoking a single cigarette 8 hrs after wisdom teeth are pulled?

quite likely

When is the most likely time to get dry socket?

After tooth extraction (wisdom teeth removed)

Can you drink alcohol after getting your wisdom tooth pulled?

Yes, usually about a week after the extraction. Follow your dentist's advice if you don't want to experience dry socket.

Is rinsing vigorously while wisdom extraction hole is not yet closed but past 10 days since extraction Please be more specific?

You should not rinse your mouth if the hole from getting your wisdom teeth pulled is not yet healed. It could wash out the blood clot and cause a dry socket.

Will you automatically get dry socket if you smoke after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?

No. It happened neither to me nor to other people I know who smoked immediately after leaving the dentist's office after the extraction.

Is wisdom tooth extraction reduces mind?

is wisdom tooth extraction reuces mind

Is it okay to smoke with gauze in your mouth after you have gotten your wisdom teeth pulled?

No it's not ok to smoke with gauze in your mouth. You should not smoke after a tooth extraction because you can have a higher chance of getting a dry socket which is very painful.

Can you smoke marijuana after wisdom tooth extraction?

Yes you can. The Doctors recommend waiting 48 hours AT LEAST. And then when you do decide to smoke, take small hits and put a gauze in over your holes to keep from getting dry socket.

What are the chances of getting dry socket five day after getting wisdom teeth pulled?

Insufficient blood supply to the alveolus.Preexisting infection. (Granuloma, periodontal or pericoronal infection)Use of large amounts of local Anesthetic, leading to vasoconstriction.Post operative bleeding.Trauma to alveolus during extraction.Infection during or after extraction.Root/bone fragments or foreign bodies left in the socket.Excessive irrigation and curettage.Fibrolytic or proteolytic activity in the clot.Loss of clot due to patient's negligencePatient actions like sucking liquids, sneezing, coughing, rinsing water post extractionPredisposing factors in patient, eg smoking, poor general healthThere's no exact answer to this but these are the reason why dry socket happens. It isn't rare but I wouldn't be worried about it!

What are dicloflex 50mg taken for?

For inflammation and pain in any area! I'm currently taking them for pain relief after my wisdom tooth extraction as I got dry socket

What can you eat your 2nd day of wisdom tooth extraction?

The 2nd day after your wisdom tooth extraction, you are restricted to soft foods such as jello.

When can you rinse vigorously after wisdom teeth extraction?

Just after the teeth extraction is healed.

When would a wisdom tooth extraction require an oral surgeon?

Wisdom tooth extraction requires an oral surgeon when the wisdom tooth is compacted, or when the area around the tooth is infected.

Wisdom tooth extraction?

A surgical extraction of a wisdom tooth (or teeth) is common with most young adults. During this type of extraction, an oral surgeon will cut into the gum line to expose the tooth, from which point the extraction is performed much in the same way as a simple tooth extraction. Prior to wisdom tooth extraction, the dental office will take a panoramic x-ray to give the dental surgeon a focused and clear view of how the wisdom teeth are situated and an indication of the difficulty of extraction.

Can you suck a popsicle after you get your wisdom teeth pulled?

Avoid any sort of suction after you have an extraction. Suction can result in dry socket, which is extremely painful. Lick it, don't suck it!

When can you fly after wisdom tooth extraction?


Do wisdom teeth grow back after extraction?

No, they do not.

How soon after all 4 wisdom teeth extraction can you smoke?

ask your dentist and see what they say, but mine told me 24 hours then i could cause it will cause you to get a dry socket

A week after wisdom teeth extraction I have a bad taste is that normal?

yes. You have to give time for your gums and socket to heal. IF it goes beyond 5 days, then consult your oral surgeon.

If I had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday and one of the teeth was already completely in and the extraction site looks different than the other 3 and has a shallow hole but no pain is this dry socket?

No. It is not necessary to get primary closure after extraction of an erupted third molar. It will take 4-6 weeks for the extraction site to heal.

How long do I have to wait till I don't have to worry about getting dry socket after a wisdom tooth was pulled?

About two weeks.

Is the extraction of wisdom teeth any more painful than the extraction of other teeth?


Wisdom teeth day 4 pain only on my left side. Do I have dry socket The pain is not terrible but feels the same What willd dry socket look like There is something whiteish over extraction site?

It is not necessarily dry socket. If the pain feels the same, chances are, that side is just healing slower. If the pain gets worse, or is still as bad tomorrow, see your dentist. Since you say it isn't terrible, the fact that only one side hurts does not indicate dry socket.