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THe chances of pregnancy are the same as they are at any other time. You could be pregnant.

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Q: What are the chances of pregnancy without the use of a condom and when you are treating a yeast infection?
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What are your chances of pregnancy if your NuvaRing was to come out without you knowing?

If your Nuvaring comes out, then your chances of pregnancy are the same as any female without contraceptive protection.

Chances of getting pregnant when no sprem goes through?

Without sperm, there can be no pregnancy.

What are the chances to get pregnant while having white discharge?

The same without your funky infection, although if you have white discharge your chances of getting laid is slimmer.

Can you have gestational diabetes with every pregnancy?

If having diabetes in pregnancy, then the chances of having gestational diabetes in the next pregnancy is high as compared to other without gestational diabetes.But many who had gestational diabetes in one pregnancy had give up baby without gestational diabetes in their next pregnancy.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if no semen gets in you?

if none gets in zero. But there are cases where pregnancy has occurred without penetration

Can a urinary tract infection show your pregnant?

Urinary tract infections are not signs of pregnancy - most occur without pregnancy, although pregnant women may develop such infections more easily. Early pregnancy may produce mild sensations that are uncomfortable and these may mimic an infection.

Is a bacterial infection a sign of pregency?

Bacterial infections, especially of the genital or urinary tracts, are not signs of pregnancy - most occur without pregnancy, although pregnant women may develop such infections more easily. Early pregnancy may produce mild sensations that are uncomfortable and these may mimic an infection.

What are the chances of your baby having birth defects if you smoke marijuana without knowing you're in the early stages of pregnancy?

Very high

Can you use Fluocinolone for a staph infection on your face and neck?

Steroids are not useful in treating staph, and should not be used on your face without consulting with your health care provider.

What is the chance of pregnancy if a condom was used and he withdrew before he came but you noticed a tiny hole halfway up the condom?

If a man properly pulls out and away before ejaculating sperm-filled semen, the chances of pregnancy are low even without a condom. If he pulled out his condom-covered penis before ejaculation, chances of pregnancy are nearly zero. And since the hole was both tiny and half-way up the condom, the chances of pregnancy are still nearly zero since he did not ejaculate while inside the vaginal canal.

If you had an IUD in placed could you have a miscarriage if you didn't know?

Yes the chances are there if the I.U.D has slipped without your knowledge, and pregnancy could well start.

What are chances of pregnancy withou using a condom and withrawing before ejaculation.?

Fairly small but if the penis went ito the vagina it is possible that semen did leave the penis without you knowing about it. This is ahighly risky way of avoiding pregnancy.

Can you get uti's without sexual intercourse?

Yes, even babies can get UTIs. It is simply an infection of the urinary tract. Although sex can increase the chances of getting one, they are not an STD.

If one of the first signs of pregnancy is a lot of creamy discharge can you still be pregnant without that symptom?

It is possible yes or you may simply be ovulating or have a yeast infection.

What are the chances of getting pregnant when you ejaculate inside a girl once without any protection?

The chances of pregnancy are fairly high, depending on the point in her menstrual cycle. If you dont use ptotection then the chances are the same everytime. Whether it's once or a hundred times. Always use a condom if you dont want children.

Why does the body have an infection without a temperature?

this the body get infection?

What is the medical term meaning without infection?

Aseptic means without infection, as in aseptic meningitis.

What are the chances of getting pregnant without penetration?

i think there are no chances at all..

Why are antibiotics not available without a prescription?

many bacteria have become resistant to ordinary penicillin antibiotics,this is why when a doc diagonises you they will pick the antibiotic most suited to treating the infection,also some people are allergic to certin antibiotics without knowing it so if you take non prescription antibiotics it may not treat the infection and put your health further at risk

Can you have a miscarriage while having chlamydia?

Miscarriage is a common problem in pregnancy. Chlamydia does not appear to increase the risk of miscarriage. However, it could happen with or without chlamydia infection.

Can you get pregnant without losing your virginity if there was slight entering but the hymen did not break and there was no semen what are the chances of pregnancy?

Technically, if the vagina was penetrated then you are no longer a virgin. Congrats. Although chances of pregnancy are lower because there was no ejaculation, there is something called pre-cum which is an initial discharge that is not always observable. In summation, you can not get pregnant if you are a virgin, but you are no longer considered a virgin if your vagina has been penetrated.

Could you become pregnant if you haven't had a period in three months and pregnancy test saids negative?

In most cases irregular periods are anovulatory (without ovulation) but in 2-3% cases could be spontaneous ovulation. So chances for pregnancy are about 2-3%.

What is hemo treatment?

Treating the blood (without killing it).

How can you relieve a yeast infection during pregnancy?

There are over the counter cremes you can get. If they do not work you have to see a doctor but even without treatment they often clears up within 2 weeks.

What are the chances of being pregnant if you have been having lots of pregnancy symptoms yet still feeling pre-period cramps?

Without knowing if a pregnancy test has been taken it is difficult to answer, some pregnancy symptoms are very similar to period symptoms. If you haven't already take a test, it's the only way to know for sure.